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Little Paul -

Now Available - Alexander Kiss book "If you are a juggler"

Niels Duinker has just released this on Amazon: - hopefully the ordering process will be a little easier than it was for "Juggling, The Past, and Future"

The description on amazon reads:

Alexander Kiss wrote, "If You are a Juggler" in the USSR in 1970. Now that it finally has been translated into English, we can all learn from this Russian circus icon and master juggler. In 1969 Alexander won the Rastelli Award, given to the top juggler in the world. In this book, Alexander Kiss shares his life's work while also offering insights to jugglers and other performers alike. From stories of juggling greats to descriptions of their famed tricks, this is a collection of valuable information to all who read it. Learn Alexander's thoughts about proper practice technique, how to structure an act, correct body position, originality, developing new tricks, prop decoration, and much more.

I'm very much looking forward to my copy turning up...

The Void - - Parent

UK amazon link:
Cheers, ordered!

bad1dobby - - Parent

Any chance of a review, LP? As brief as you like...

bad1dobby - - Parent

... or as detailed as you like.

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

eJuggle ( will have a review soon. I'll try to remember to post a link here when it comes out.

Little Paul - - Parent

Once my copy arrives, I'll certainly let people know what I think of it.


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