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Sergei -

Learning 423.
I have invented one very simple exercise for 423. Two balls in left and one in right. 1. Left hand: toss one up and another to the right hand in "tennis" mode catch bothe balls (by left and right hand) and pause, `you have two balls in right and one in left now 2. Do in opposite direction and pause. Probably someone already knows this drill and I am innvented the "bicycle" )))

Maria - - Parent

I'm not sure if "tennis mode" means outside/over-the-top throw or something else, but I think a normal cascade-style throw for the 3 is the easiest.

My favorite practice for 423 was to just do one out of a cascade. One righthanded "straight" throw, skip the lefthanded throw, a normal righthanded throw and you are back to cascade. Make sure the straight throw is high enough so that you don't have to rush anything, the right hand should keep its normal rhythm.
Then the same with the other hand. Then just reduce the number of normal cascade throws in between until you only have the one 3 in 423 left.


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