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Sergei -

How to learn 423
Yes , there is nice youtube made by Niels and I am practicing his first preliminary exercise. The question is how to make it like flow? I am sure you all learn 423 in you juggling toddler's years and ideas what worked for you will be appreciated ))

Sergei - - Parent

I have got one insight : tempo "right,right - left,left" )))

7b_wizard - - Parent

yes, two throws to the same side .. you can sway your body left-right in that rhythm.

how to make it flow
you can do bowy throws (not columns) with the "4", thrown well fromout the inside, over the preceding "3" - then you can also circle nicely with your hands in that rhythm.

else - I find this much harder and didn't get it well - you can do the "4" as straight vertical columns and throw the "3"-s ``away┬┤┬┤ and through the vertical "4"-flightlines. It seems to help to do those vertical "4"-s nearer to the middle (and then have space plenty outside for the "3"-s).

Sergei - - Parent

Thanks a lot, my friend. I have got the feeling 423 is very important trick and gives an opportunity to make small nice performance combinations with 3b cascade.


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