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Sergei -

Reverse Cascade. Help needed. Balls bump frequently. I am trying to toss each subsequent ball higher and higher. it works for sometime, but total mess in couple seconds ... It is surely wrong way. I have this feeling that top of opposite throws should be at equal high, but in different places. I am currently working on left hand tosses OVER two plastic bars at about 8" distance apart and at chin level. Any good ideas to tame reverse cascade?

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

'See' the sideways figure 8 shape in your minds-eye and keep the ball running along it. Be gentle and try to keep the rhythm uniform. Your hands will be moving in circles the opposite way to the cascade (left hand clockwise, right hand anti-clockwise).

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

*balls* not ball..

7b_wizard - - Parent


sideways figure 8 shape = lemniscate, infinity symbol

html coding: ∝ ∝ ∝ ∞ ∞ ∞ [dunno which one will render]

Sergei - - Parent

yes, I tried throwing outside (just one ball) staying in paralel bar shoulder width/height and naturally got figure "8" sensation

Maria - - Parent

You are right, they should be equal height.

In regular Cascade, the throw from the right hand has its highest Point on the left side (and the left hand throw on the right side) since you are throwing from the inside to the outside.
In reverse Cascade, the throw from the right hand has its highest Point on the right side (and the left hand throw on the left side) since you are throwing from the outside to the inside.

That might help?

Sergei - - Parent

YES, it surely helps (I mean where top points are) I watched carefully some video in slow motion and noticed that in regular cascade TOP right throw goes to opposite ear projection? for reverse - it is the same ear/ Thanks a lot.

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

If it's getting higher and higher, then you're throwing too early. Wait a bit more for the previous ball to drop before you throw the next ball over it. You can practice over the top on one side (half-shower) and practice that also on your weak side before you do solid reverse cascade. For half-shower, it's good to practice controlling various height differences between the higher throw and the lower throw, and it's especially useful to gain control with the higher one just over the lower one. Another fun one to try is tennis which is the same ball over the top back and forth on each side while the other two do normal cascades. Good luck!

Sergei - - Parent

YES! It make sense for me. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I surely need to improve the timing


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