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Sergei -

Just had new "tasty" juggler's experience : start doing 3 b columns, pretty ugly columns, obviously not for Solomon's Temple )) feeling is very different from cascade. But nevertheless it is some progress, don't forget I am 2 months old juggler)) I was doing mostly using my right hand that is not too bad in 2-in-1. Suddenly I felt my weak left hand WANTS more participation in this trick ))

7b_wizard - - Parent

the ``masculine´´ stronghand leads, and the ``feminine´´ weakhand follows in that pair-dance. ( and you can switch it, ``emancipate´´ your weak hand )

7b_wizard - - Parent

.. and that .. : I felt my weak left hand WANTS more participation are countermovements(!) of weakhand, transmitted over the shoulder belt with torso/spine even legs and stance stabilizing. You can also feel your hips wiggle lol, countermoving to the shoulderbelt. Good form and posture are a whole body thing.

bad1dobby - - Parent

You are on the way to a fabulous trick which will definitely get your other hand involved - The Machine !!

You have revived a lovely memory, long forgotten, of one of my happiest achievements in juggling. Loved the look of the trick, wanted wanted wanted to be able to do it, struggled with coordination... eventually achieved it. Great joy ensued!

Hang in there - it's worth it.


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