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Sergei -

I am Sergei Bogolepov,MD from Novosibirsk, Russia. Age 67 (!) Started learning to juggle by myself two month ago. Can do unstable 3b cascade mostly up to 3po catches (sometime over 50 but in "panic" fashion). Laying on my back up to 10 catches with the dream to do 20 "over the head" as required by grade 4 Japanese Association certification (equal to Mills mess) . REasobnably good two in one right hand (up to 20 catches) and total disaster with left hand ( 2-4 catches unstable). Any suggestions with left hand besides "just keep practicing" ?

david - - Parent

Hi Sergei, welcome to the Edge. Something you might do for that left hand is to try switching from the cascade to one round of two in one hand and then back to the cascade. Start on the right and tnen try it on the left. When that is easy, do two on the right, cascade, two on the left and so on. Remember to breathe and keep throwing up.

Sergei - - Parent

Last night made 80 catches in 3 b cascade and decided temporary not to pay great attention to my weak Two-in-One left hand. Too much work with very little reward for old guy who was crasy enough to start learning this skill )) I will focus on what is progressing well enough : on classic 3 b cascade (high tossing and 5 balls in both hands) to make it really stable 100 catches plus laying down cascade to make reasonably stable "over-the -head ". Was able to make 12 catches over the head today.


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