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Ilia Poliakov -

Hi! I want to understand one moment:
Which trick is cascade and which is reverse cascade with cross arms
In Records we can see only cascade...

7b_wizard - - Parent

Do you mean how the code / the notation is for "3b reverse cascade with crossed arms"?  ( should be sth like: "[amount of catches] 3b rev cas + x",, "Modifiers" --> "Everything" --> "x - with crossed arms" )

In records, we see only what people logged their records upto now  ( it's not a list of all tricks there are, but it becomes a list of what got logged by actually logging it first ),  .. you can be the first to log a  ".. rev cas + x"  record  ( only when s.o. does so first for a new trick, it will show up in the list ).

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I would assume that when people do cross armed they usually would default to the "outside throw" version. I'm not sure if the outside throw is "reversed", reverse only makes sense if you know what normal is, and normal might be where the right hand makes the same right to left scoop as it does in a normal cascade.

I can't answer your question, the only way to know for sure is to ask all other 4 what version they have done. Version clash is presumably an issue on many tricks where the details are not specified very well...


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