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LizzyPeat -

What insurance cover has your club got?
We are starting up the Newbury Juggling Club again (9th Jan 2018)
What insurance cover has your club got? How much money is it? What cover do you think is needed as a minimum?
We have no guidance from the school and I'm looking round for quotes.

LizzyPeat - - Parent

I should also say, the best quote we have had so far is from 'Ansvar Insurance' which includes Public & Products Liability at £1,000,000 (libel and slander cover at £10,000) for £69.20 for the year.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Is this a thing in the UK? I know that every amateur juggling club in the Netherlands isn't insured...

Also, the first thing I thought when I read the post title is "Huh, it's only 25e to replace a pirouette, why would you want to insure them?" ;)

It's Him - - Parent

If your club is run by a person who is a member of Equity (costs around £130 p.a.) then they get £10m PLI automatically. However it might not be a good idea to advertise you have insurance as after seeing the dangerous things that Milton Keynes club has got up to over the last 25 years, you may not want to be the person going around saying "don't do that!". It might be better to supply new jugglers with a form to sign that states that you basically are hiring the hall and that anything stupid that the juggler does is entirely their responsibility.


Alice - - Parent

We get our insurance from Showtime. We combine club and convention insurance as it is a little cheaper. Most standard policies are ,I believe, for up to 2 million. the school where we have the convention insist on 5 million which makes our insurance quite a bit more expensive. The quote you have sounds pretty good to me. As always you only know how good insurance is when you come to use it. Every year i email reiterating what we do,that the convention site is separate from the club etc just so I have something in writing in case of dispute.
I think clubs have to look at getting insurance,otherwise those running the clubs risk being personally liable for any claims. most university clubs have cover included as do some sports halls if you hire from them.

charlieh - - Parent

Ask Katie to ask the Camcircus committee, they'll know what we have. It's years since I knew what's current.

For those saying 'just get people to sign something' - this is a disclaimer, and these aren't really worth anything. You still need Public Liability Insurance to cover someone sueing your club if they get injured (bear in mind they may be the nicest person in the world but may still *have* to sue you if they get a life-altering injury - to provide medical care, or an income for the future).

Also, Equity PLI cover insures the person, not the club - so unless I'm running the Charlie Hull Juggling Club and I'm doing all the teaching it's not much use.

Yes, in a juggling world of people being known for amazing tricks and skills, one of my areas of knowledge is insurance. Sigh.

LizzyPeat - - Parent

Thank you all.


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