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Marvin -

The Green Eggs Report for December 2017 is now available. Last month 26 people made 70 posts containing 18 links. See past reports.

Mïark - - Parent

Can we get yearly Green Eggs Reports as well as monthly?

Marvin - - Parent

I suppose checking in once a year would be less depressing than checking in twelve times.

In the dismal year that was 2017, 131 people wrote 1920 posts containing 422 links across 349 threads. If you want to see previous years' totals I've addded those to the Green eggs report menu.

If you want a full report with all the links, hashtags & top posters you'll have to wait, Jon has me decreasing this year's wrapping paper to save for next year.

I'd wish you all a happy new year if I had any hope that it will be.


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