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Little Paul -

Not strictly speaking juggling, but you're the sort of people who may be able to help.

I'm looking for a reliable UK supplier of qualatex 260q modelling balloons. We've ordered two batches recently from different sellers on amazon, the first sent us balloons with a best before date of 2013 (not great for a natural latex product, but I went with it at the time as it was only to amuse my nices/nephew - and I just put up with the high burst rate)

However, the more recent seller subbed in a different brand of balloons to that which was advertised. That sales are being dealt with via the appropriate returns procedure, but having bitten twice now, I want a reliable supplier with a reasonable enough turnover of stock that I'm not going to be shipped something that's 4 years past its best before date.

Ideally I want somewhere that carries stock of the single colours, but I'll take a standard entertainer mix.

Any ideas?

It's Him - - Parent

Do you have any mates in Bristol who are balloon modellers? Or do any of the local entertainers know a local balloon modeller? People who do it regularly tend to buy in large quantities (as it is quite a bit cheaper) e.g. I tend to buy 50 entertainers assortment bags per order (and occasionally some single colours as blues and pinks are more popular). This lasts me about 6 months and I don't do that much balloon modelling so someone who is much more into it will have a quicker turnover.


Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Last time I looked, which was quite a while ago, Pioneer were the UK distributors for Qualatex. They were always quick and efficient with me. Or I could just give you some.

Little Paul - - Parent

As far as I can tell Pioneer (or at least that particular Pioneer) are a US outfit, however it simply hadn't occurred to me to look for a list of distributors on the Qualatex website.

They list quite a few UK distributors (although unfortunately none in Bristol) so I might go down that route.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Likewise, it didn't occur to me to examine my inbox for unread spam from the buggers. Graham Lee is the chap to speak to - - or use his Qualatex addy -

But I expect you're ahead of the curve by now.

Little Paul - - Parent

I’m all sorted now, thanks to you and Nigel for the help!


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