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Rolf -

Hi Forum,
nice to be here, greetings to all you members of the juggling community.
We are going to celebrate the 30th Birthday of our juggling club in Hagen/Germany on January the 27th. We can't figure out the exact birthday anymore (we think we're late in January...), and the club never changed place, day or time in all these years. Exept on Christmas or New Years Evening the meeting is on every Monday.
We are going to have a show and a party, so if anyone is around this weekend, pop in!

The Void - - Parent

Hey Rolf,
Welcome to The Edge.
Hashtagging this thread to your club: #HagenJugglingClubKulturzentrumPelmke
30 years is awesome for a club to still be going. I was last in Hagen 33 years ago though, so I guess I "just" missed you.


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