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Jupiterian -

Hi everyone I'm new here!

But I'm not a brand new juggler. I've been juggling for maybe 3 years, but I can only do 3 balls right now and I'm limited in my tricks as well. Mills mess is a trick I like the look of and plan to try out sooooonish. I also enjoy doing tightrope when I get a chance bit I don't own one due to them being super expensive, and my short term goal in terms of that is to learn to slack line instead for now. That probably won't happen until winter is over though...

I'm better at poi though! I can do 7-beat forwards, 5-beat backwards, 4-beat anti-fountain albeit a little awkwardly (as opposed to 2x2 anti-fountain) and I guess some other stuff but those are my show off-y numbers. I'm hoping to learn some cool contact stuff so that less of my tricks are 'different ways of making circles', since I love to show off, and sometimes circles aren't the coolest shapes around. It was my birthday yesterday and I was supposed to post this then, but apparently if you party, time passes so it's no longer my birthday :( either way, I'm probably going to get some fire poi for my birthday from my family!

A trick I'm currently trying to do with poi involves reaching an arm behind your back to spin the poi in front of you again. It's going very well so far except the part where I hit myself in the face. *shrug* I mostly wish I knew what the trick was called. It is split time, and each hand goes from reaching in front of the body to make a circle at the back to reaching behind the body to make a circle at the front and they alternate.

I'm also interested in practicing staff more! I'm very inspired by a guy called Austin that does some incredible contact staff at my juggling club fever. Maybe he's not the best in the world, but he makes it look effortless and cool and I wish I could make it look as good as him!

Also I believe I'm going to get a puppy hammer which seems super fun (don't worry, I won't be hurting any small animals hahaha) and also looks pretty hard! So when I get those I'll probably come here with All of my questions!

I'm here for some somewhat serious issues too, which right now is pretty much fire safety. I belong to the committee of #fever and we've been allowed to do fire as a society for years. Recently a member of committee changed some rules, and now according to him, we have to rewrite the whole rules and risk assessment. It's very tempting to just use the old one again, but I don't know how acceptable that is. Hopefully by the end of this all though, we'll have a fantastic risk assessment and set of rules for our events. I'll probably make a thread dedicated to this in the future, but if you could send me your own risk assessment from which I can [gain inspiration] that would be incredible and deeply appreciated.

Finally, I live in the UK and I've been to camvention this year and two years ago, and that's my only conventions so far. I'm planning on going to BJC though! Please do tempt me into going to more conventions though :>

By the way, unrelated to juggling, it feels so nice to be on a forum again. It feels like home!

I believe this is all I want to say! Hello everyone, thank you for reading my long intro post, and thank you for having me!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Hi Jupiter!

Welcome. What is a puppy hammer?

Danny Colyer - - Parent

I hope it's not the same as a kitten hammer :-O

Jupiterian - - Parent

Hahaha, I had to look that up. I wish :> It's apparently also known as an oxbow. It's a very long piece of rope that wraps around your arms, and you can use it as poi, and if you unwrap it you can use it like a super long meteor or like contact staff. I saw one at my last convention and tried it out, it was pretty hard.

The Void - - Parent

Excellent. But those are clearly kitten axes.
(I don't have to draw a graph, do I?)

Monte - - Parent

''the hammer of the Gods
will drive our ships to new lands''

The ginger cat has a hammer in one hand and an axe in the other.

Monte - - Parent


The Void - - Parent

Actually, they are both weilding the same weapons. But, on closer inspection, I may have to concede. Damn, hammered.

The Void - - Parent

Meanwhile, back on topic...
"Please do tempt me into going to more conventions though :>"
Welcome to The Edge. And "Come to Bungay!", where you can hear me and Monte banter in person. Or (just perhaps more temptingly) you can juggle 24 hours, play games, fly kites, consume coffee; cake; chilli, chill, visit local sites/seaside, in whatever proportion suits you. Longest juggling convention in the world!

Monte - - Parent

Back off topic. The vid is historically incorrect. Everyone knows Viking kittens didn't wear horned helmets.

Jupiterian - - Parent

I saw this on Facebook, it looks very nice especially 10 days, I even thought BJC looked very long. I think I'll see how BJC goes, and decide then!
It's nice to meet you by the way and I look forward to the banter!

Rosie - - Parent

Heya Jupiter!

You should come to CATCH convention next summer, its gonna be awesome..if I do say so myself!

Think of it like the BJC... but in July! Its a big celebration of Circus being 250 years old! *gasp*
And it will have lots of fun activities and workshops to try ^_^

welcome to jugglingedge!


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