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It's Him -

So tomorrow is MKJC8. It looks like it might be fairly miserable driving there but that it will be brightening early afternoon and dry for the rest of the day/night.

The convention starts at 10 am with workshops starting at 11 am. I'm going to be running an intermediate old school one diabolo workshop that concentrates on knots and around the arm/leg moves. Anyone who is old enough will probably remember all these tricks but hopefully someone will get something from it.

The catering from previous years (apart from last year) will be back again.

Games will be at 4 pm and as I have read that Jon Peat will not be there this year other people have a chance at the endurance events.

The show will be approximately 7 pm - 9pm and the line-up (not in order) includes:

Matthew Green,

Concrete Circus,

The Void,

Georgie Price,

Jules Cooke,

Matt Hennem,

Brook and Becky

and Matt the Devil Sticker from Corby (sorry don't currently know his surname)

The compere would like to be known as Stevie Vegas.

I hope to see as many of you as possible and as I have very few things to do during the day I also hope to actually enjoy the convention.



The Void - - Parent

I had fun yesterday. Got there probably too early, but lots of time for chatting, mooching about and drinking coffee with friends. I even played a little kendama. It was good fun being in the show (thanks for the nice comments, those who gave them), and I really enjoyed seeing Brook & Becky's act that I'd heard good things of, and meeting up with my old friend Matt Hennem, and seeing him do his wiggly thing again. :-) Mucking about with Greeny in the curtain call was top silly fun too.
I was very confused by Matt asking me which day I'd arrived on. Apparently, if you're not careful, you can misconstrue "MKJC8 - 11th November" as "MJKC, 8-11 November". LOL.
Cheers to all the MKJC crew.

It's Him - - Parent

Glad you enjoyed it. It was good to see your act again. When I go through my photos tomorrow I hope I will have got some of the faces you pulled in the show. it's a shame that we didn't have Jon Peat there to write a review I wonder if anyone else will do it.


Scott Seltzer - - Parent

eJuggle happily posts fest reviews from others besides Jon. Be in touch with me to contribute to eJuggle.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Void pulls faces?

It's Him - - Parent

I put 3 photos on this page to give you an idea I apologise for the quality of the photos, these are cropped from slightly less poor quality photos but I wasn't really concentrating on the photography as I only really wanted one photo per act for the DVD cover. As it is I didn't get one for Concrete Circus being peripherally involved with the act.


7b_wizard - - Parent

Thank you for taking me serious.

It's Him - - Parent

I always take everything to do with The Void seriously! :-)



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