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Bob Dilworth -

Thanks for signing me up to this. I haven't been around the juggling 'scene' for a while although I do miss it and hope to show up at a convention or two soon.

I have recently decided that it is time a got finally got down to nailing 5 ball cascade before I get too old. I first started trying it more than twenty years ago, could this be a record?

I mostly miss club-passing.


Little Paul - - Parent

Bob! Long time no see!

Last I saw of you, you were doing the rounds on the TV quiz circuit, you still quizzing?

Bob Dilworth - - Parent

Hi Paul!

I still do regular pub quizzes but the TV career has been on hold for a while :-). I also play drums in a rock covers band. Still have fond memories of the convention days. How are things in your world?


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