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Daniel Simu -

Flashing rules

In a fluke of boredom I watched Josh Horton flash 6 iPhones in slow motion. I noticed that the first catch is made before the last prop is released, which fairly obvious in retrospect but I had never thought about it before.

However, this brings me to a new question: Would I be allowed to set an official record flash with an even amount of objects if I offset the right and left hand timing even more? Like, for example, if I were to flash 6 balls.. first throw 2 on the right, and only then join in with the left hand? Would this make the juggling easier (probably) and has anyone experimented with this pattern?

Thanar - - Parent


A flash occurs for a given number of objects in an explicitly stated pattern when the number of catches made is at least the number of objects being juggled. The first catch to be counted cannot be made until all props but one, or one per team member, have been thrown. All props must be thrown by the juggler(s) and caught in the order and to the hand dictated by the chosen pattern. Multiplexing is not allowed." - Juggling Information Services Committee on Numbers Juggling (JISCON) Numbers Juggling Rules & Definitions

Based on the above definition (used for records tracked by JISCON, Wikipedia and the Juggle Wiki), Josh Hortons 6 iPhone flash is a valid flash. I'd bet most flashes have the first catch made before the last prop is released, since that's the "normal" way to do a flash.

Based on the above definition, if you offset the left hand timing even more, so that a prop is caught while two props have not yet been thrown, then that catch would not count. Your flash attempt would officially have only 5 catches, and not be a flash.

Mike Moore - - Parent

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