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mike.armstrong -

The new Karl-Heinz Ziethen book "Juggling, The Past and Future" is finally available from

It's pricey but there's 30% off (until 14 September) if you use the voucher code SAVENOW30

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Sounds fantastic, definitely on my wish list!

The voucher code doesn't seem to work for me..

Little Paul - - Parent

Voucher code worked for me :)

Yay! Excited dance time!

Little Paul - - Parent

I just got a really dissapointing email:

It has come to our attention that your order XXXXX cannot be completed because the source files for the project "Juggling, The Past and Future" contain errors preventing it from being printed.

I hope this gets sorted soon, I'm still excited!!!

Ian Marchant - - Parent

I got the same email too. I let Niels know and he said that only this had happend to only 2 orders (yours and mine) but 40 have been printed. On the brightside as I ordered it as soon as it came out I only found a 10 percent discount code but now due to this I can use the 30 percent one!

I am like you super excited.........

Bosco - - Parent

I've just had this email back too

"It has come to our attention that your order ******** cannot be completed because the source files for the project "Juggling, The Past and Future" contain errors preventing it from being printed. We've unfortunately had no choice but to remove this item from your order, and have refunded you accordingly.
We'll also be contacting the author to make them aware of the problem, but we do apologize for any inconvenience that this may create."

I'll have another go and see what happens.

Little Paul - - Parent

It's taken until this morning for the refund to hit my account, so I'll try again today - you might not want to try again too quickly as you may end up temporarily shorter on funds than you expect!

Ian Marchant - - Parent

Hei Bosco,

I tried again and got the exact same thing happen again so i'd hold off for a while. There seems to be a problem with the uk printers from what Niels was saying when I contacted him.

Dee - - Parent

I also got the same message, so its definitely being consistent with those based in the UK.

Now won't get to apply that lovely 30% discount.

Ian Marchant - - Parent

Yes it is, I got a message from Niels today and he has made a UK version, here's the link:

He said that its been made to the spec for the UK printers so orders should be ok now.

Regarding the discount, I asked Lulu direct about that and they said:

"Wonderful question!

It depends entirely on the promotions being advertised on the homepage of our website, as they periodically change. When you have a moment, visit our homepage at to review the promotions currently available.

At the moment, "SAVENOW30" is still ongoing, but it is scheduled to end at midnight tonight (EST).

If you'd like to use the voucher, be sure to have an order in production before the promotion ends - otherwise you may have to wait until another offer of equal value is advertised".

As much as I want to order the book right away I'm gonna wait until there a good discount code as I've tasted the discount nectar and it was good!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

It does work if I open the UK version of Lulu, on the Dutch one it does not!

Little Paul - - Parent

Awesome! I got the notification a couple of days ago but was waiting for a voucher to turn up! :)

Bosco - - Parent

Remarkable. Having had "time out" I return to the Edge with 12670 unread posts, and K-HZ's book appears with a voucher. I'm a very happy person! Thank you everyone for posting.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Has anyone read it? What kind of things does he see the future of juggling being?

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

The future of juggling isn't books by the sounds of it..

mike.armstrong - - Parent

For those of us in the UK whose orders were cancelled - there's currently 20% off if you use coupon code LULU20.

There's also a "buy 3 books, get the 4th free" offer on (which would be 25% off) - does anyone want to join me for a joint order of 4 copies? I can bring them to Durham or Leeds conventions


JonPeat - - Parent

Hi Mike,
I'm in.
I sent you a message.
Cheers, Jon

Topper - - Parent

Has anyone received there book yet?
I ordered mine weeks ago and got in touch with Lulu and was told it was being printed and this morning have received an email with the message they still have problems with the source files so cannot print it.

Dee - - Parent

Those of us who went in with Mike's order got our book ages ago - even including juggler mail.

mike.armstrong - - Parent

My order was rejected, but I got in touch with Niels Duinker who managed to order them on our behalf and make it work. I'm not sure what he did differently though - maybe drop him a line to ask?
He was more responsive on Facebook than by email for me

Topper - - Parent

Thanks. I will try to contact Niels.


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