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Yves Bolognini -

Hello all,

Let's start by saying I found out about The Juggling Edge by googling "7 balls after 40".

I used to juggle pretty regularly when I was 20-25. I had then a nice-but-not-perfect 5-ball cascade. Then I stopped training (other hobbies, family, you know what I mean). Last September, as I needed some exercise I started taking circus class. At the same time I started training again. At first I wanted to juggle 15 min a day, then I got addicted and now it's more than an hour a day.

I'm 43. My "real" job is project manager in an IT company here in Lausanne, Switzerland. And my big other hobby is the history of computing. I've been collecting old computers since 1995 and I founded the Bolo Museum ( in 2002.

Now my 5-ball cascade is pretty solid, learning plenty of tricks with 3 and 4, started training 3-in-a-hand for 6 and dreaming of 7. Last week I had my first juggling class with a professional. Oh and since February I've been doing some fitness and I've lost 20 kg (44 pounds).

All of this must be some kind of mid life crisis. A positive one.

Happy to join The Juggling Edge.

Yves Bolognini - - Parent

Oops, I forgot:

Sorry in French only.

The Void - - Parent

Hi Yves,
Welcome to the Edge. Well done on your fitness work, and good luck with your 7 ball quest.

Yves Bolognini - - Parent

Thanks! I must say that with my 5 balls I feel a bit like a beginner around here :)

Orinoco - - Parent

Welcome to the Edge Yves!

7 balls after 40 does seem to be a popular challenge, perhaps the jugglers' version of, "I'm going to run a marathon".


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