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Monte -

Real or fake?
I'm currently using this pic as my avatar on a history/politics forum, is it real or fake? Looks real and bloody dangerous to me.Anyone seen it before?

Little Paul - - Parent

It's an act I've seen described many times, although how real the photo is im not sure (it rather depends on the date of the photo) and I don't see any reason to think people didn't juggle rifles in real life.

Mocking up photos of jugglers by suspending props on strings was common practice in the earlier days of photography, when film was slow and capturing motion was difficult (i.e. If the exposure time was longer than 1/100th sec etc)

So - possible staged photo of a real act

peterbone - - Parent

Weren't the rifles fired on each catch in some versions of the trick?

Monte - - Parent

If real I bet that sword gets in the way.
Got to be a really heavy, poorly balanced and dangerous object to juggle especially with bayonets fixed. Also I bet someone shouted ''can you do 4?''

The Void - - Parent

Thrown as flats.

Monte - - Parent

Makes sense, keep the sharp pointy bits away from you. I was imagining them spinning around. Duh

Monte - - Parent

Thanks David that's awesome. Joey Dillon is amazing. Almost makes me wish you could still own handguns in the UK.


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