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Cole Perkinson -

Hi all! I'm writing as a new JugglingEdge member to announce JuggleMIT 2017, a festival celebrating juggling, object manipulation, and circus arts, taking place from September 22-24, 2017 on the MIT Campus in Cambridge, MA. JuggleMIT, now in it's 4th year, is the largest juggling festival in Massachusetts, offering a weekend of workshops, activities, shows, and good clean fun for the entire family! The festival kicks off on Friday with open juggling, introductory classes, and a stage show, followed by glow juggling outside on the lawn. A full-day workshop and activity schedule on Saturday culminates in the JuggleMIT Circus Show, featuring 10 world-renowned jugglers and circus performers. Sunday features more workshops, MIT-themed juggling games (e.g. nerdy MIT-themed juggling Simon Says, volleyclub, egg juggling, and combat juggling), and prizes. So whether you want to learn a new skill or just unwind with friends, come check out JuggleMIT and experience a one-of-a-kind weekend of crazy good fun!

Okay, formal pitch aside, I think you'll genuinely enjoy JuggleMIT. We've put together a list of incredible performers for our Circus Show this year, including The Red Trouser Show (Boston Faneuil Hall performers), Jonah Botvinik-Greenhouse (2014 WJF overall champion), Matan Presberg, Cate Great, Paris the Hip-Hop Juggler, Susan Voyticky, Alex the Jester, Joe Showers, and Chloe Walier. Full festival passes run at just $30 for the weekend and are available at Tickets for the Saturday Show are available at

For more info about JuggleMIT, and to register and sign up to volunteer or teach workshops, check out our JuggleMIT 2017 event page ( and website (, still in development, so pardon our appearance!). Feel free to direct any questions to me or

- - - - -

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Cole Perkinson, and I'm a third year PhD candidate in Physical Chemistry at MIT researching ways to reduce thermalization losses in solar cells. I started juggling at age 6 in Portland, Oregon, and I have been a regular attendee of the Portland Juggling Festival. I am currently the president of the MIT Student Juggling Club, which meets every Sunday 3-6pm at MIT's lobby 10 under the Great Dome. It's open to everyone of all skill levels, and we're more than happy to teach, so do drop by if you're ever in the area!

Hope to see you at JuggleMIT this year!
- Cole

Orinoco - - Parent

Hi Cole, welcome to the Edge. JuggleMIT sounds like a great lineup. Any chance you could make it closer to England?

Mike Moore - - Parent

Looks like a great fest! Joe's told me about how much he's enjoyed JuggleMIT before, especially the special brand of Simon Says.

I did a little Googling because I didn't know about thermalization losses in solar cells. That looks like an area capable of making a huge difference in efficiency. What kind of solar cell are you using?


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