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Mike Moore -

Orinoco, I am convinced my progress with inverted sprung cascade is 100 % attributable to you making the "inverted" modifier. Thank you.

Orinoco - - Parent

Wow! That is super smooth. Well done!

Loving the plug for #GuelphJugglingFest2017 in that clip too.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Thanks! And thanks for the subtle reminder to use the hashtag. Someday I'll remember the first time...

Mike Moore - - Parent

Then you'll like this video, too!


I always feel bad posting advertisements so I've decided that I should give something useful before/through the ad.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Very nice Mike. The festival looks great!

Mike Moore - - Parent

Thanks! We're trying to expand a bit this year, actually having a show and guests. I'm a little nervous about how the money shakes out because the show location was a bit pricey and I'm fronting it myself. As long as we don't get a horrible turnout we'll break even (and make some money to partially distribute to performers if the turnout is modest to good) but it's still on my mind.

Either way, it should be an exciting fest. Emily and I finished designing a particular puzzle for the escape room last weekend that combines 52 (very short) puzzles into one! Still working on how to use the solution to the mega puzzle in the next steps.

Fun fun fun, I love making puzzles.

Julius - - Parent

Nice man! You will quickly surpass me. Orinoco please remove the modifier this dude is progressing too fast.

Orinoco - - Parent



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