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Hello Juggling Edge! I posted here asking for advice on providing value to the juggling community some time ago. I was met with better advice and suggestions than anywhere else! I've since been providing value to the juggling community on our Juggler Share Instagram and Facebook Page. We share the tricks of incredibly talented jugglers, whether they're popular or not. We hope to shed light on unknown jugglers and provide new jugglers with great and sometimes well known jugglers to inspire themselves with. I have focused less on growing the website while I've been adding value through social media. I've decided to get back to the website now that I've found how I'd like to create value within the juggling community. I'm going to be focusing on a sharing our Featured Jugglers in a blog format where they share their inspiring stories. We will reference our social media throughout the website and hope to soon add giveaways,competitions, and more opportunity for sponsorship. If you've read this far I'd love your feedback on the direction of the website and even ideas for the direction of our social media if you have them. Thank you so much! If you have something blunt to say about what we're doing with Juggler Share please don't be afraid to tell us. Sometimes what's blunt is what I need to hear the most. it's alright, and I will always appreciate your taking the time to write.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Hey Zack,

I think the sharing you do on Instagram is really cool, and with 2800 followers in just 2 months time, it seems others think so too!

First bit of advice: When you're asking for advice, perhaps do so on your own account. Of course you can have a brand name, but here I'd prefer to talk to a person than to an anonymous entity who speaks in plural "we". If it were me, I'd change that on your website "about" page too.

I had that same thought when I got your message with your offer to feature me on your website. Free promotion is cool, but I get more excited to respond to a personal message from a real person. The follow up messages were much nicer!

Now about featuring jugglers on your website:
I think the most important job if you're going to feature jugglers, is making sure that these jugglers are actually being seen. By featuring them on a platform which jugglers already regularly visit, such as instagram and facebook, you're making this easy. If you want to direct your audience to another platform, such as your website, you'll need to provide some content which you can't share anywhere else. If you're going to stick with a single paragraph and a picture, why not create a facebook page for this? I would not regularly check out your website, but I would follow your page in my feed, just like I do with your instagram account.

I don't believe much in giveaways. Unless you're making money by promoting the props you're giving away, or you're having something actually valuable (big store credit in a store with a broad range of goods), I wouldn't do them. I myself am happy with the props I have, and new stuff would just end up in the shelf. Every juggler has different needs, and knows best how to cater them themselves. On top of that it's a lot of hassle with money, sponsorships, shipping worldwide and producing trash.

Competitions can be nice, though I like to prefer to think of "challenges". People need to be motivated to participate, not motivated to win. Think of challenges which are not commonly recorded, but do stretch the technical or creative range of the participants. For example, NORWIK ran a challenge to try to do the slowest 100 catches of 5 balls. Even though many people knew they didn't have a chance of winning, I'm sure many people tried themselves to see how far they could get, and improve. I sure did! Creative challenges are the best, because seeing different "solutions" to the problem makes it worth watching all of the entries. In a technical challenge, watching the winner should suffice.
Announcing a winner is optional, prizes are unnecessary. If your challenge ideas are interesting enough, people will enjoy to participate either way.

And at last, some self promotion:
If you want people to know more about cool jugglers, you can also promote other content that tries to do so ;). Feel free to post about Juggle Jabber episodes if you feel that this would benefit your audience.

Good luck!

Juggler Share - - Parent

Your feedback is pure gold Daniel Simu! I will absolutely talk to people with "I" rather than "we". I've been shying away from saying "I", I guess because I wanted Juggler Share to appear larger in size. It is a "we" effort though, because there are 3 other people involved (Chelsi, Kennedy, and Makanahei) in helping create. I guess a happy medium would be to refer to myself as an editor at Juggler Share and then just talk as myself. I'll checkout my about page and see how it's sounding. Thanks for pointing that out. And I'm glad you enjoyed my messages. I always like to follow up with genuine responses to bios given to me. I read each one before I respond. What you say about featuring jugglers on a Facebook page is an eye opening perspective. I'm going to highly consider switching the bio portion largely to Facebook and adding more content to the bios on my website. And we do have a Facebook page ;) check us out at Juggler Share, trying to get to 1k likes!!
I'd love to promote props and be able to give them away with companies footing the bill. I've talked to many big companies like: Play, Jac Products, Higgins Brothers, etc. but I haven't been able to seal the deal. I'm highly considering becoming a manufacturer myself honestly. Some may think that's crazy, but I'm a competitor by heart.
Now, what you say about challenges and watching a winner is the prize. This is PURE GOLD. It may seem very obvious to some, but what you said coupled with the Nowiks example has gotten my wheels turning.. :)
And I will absolutely mention Juggle Jabber! I think you're a celebrity doing that show and it's what I'd love to do myself! Thank you so much for your perspective. Your advice and time writing this comment is so appreciated and priceless to me.
-Zack Ward

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I've been thinking about those challenges for longer than just today. To further explain my idea, here are some challenge suggestions which I just made up. Feel free to take from them if you like.

I'm looking for things that are relatively accessible (anyone can enter), original (you wouldn't have tried it without the challenge suggesting it), yet interesting (you'd want to try, and see how other people do it)

> Find the most interesting ways to get from juggling 3 to juggling 4 balls
> Make up a trick involving at least one object that changes its shape when thrown (such as something flexible or very soft)
> Make up tricks in which your juggling clubs hit each other
> Which 3 (or more) skills can you do at the same time? (juggling, spinning, balancing, yoyoing, rope skipping, you name it!)
> Film yourself juggling in a location, environment or situation which makes the juggling harder
> Grab a partner and make a 1 prop passing routine!
> What tricks can you do with a diabolo, tangled up in the strings?
> What's your best trick involving a behind the back throw or/and catch?
> Make up a trick involving 10 balls
> How many props can you stack up on a club, balanced on your face?
> Make up a 3 prop trick involving your elbows in some way
> Find the most interesting way to collect from a 5 prop cascade.

Orinoco - - Parent

If you go down the challenge route it might be worth researching past efforts.

You are probably already aware of David Cain's Dream Tricks Challenge which is focused on encouraging people to push the boundaries. As Daniel has alluded to in his earlier posts try to make your challenges something different.

WJVF was a tongue in cheek 'organisation' of rec.jugglers around 2005 (whatever happened to Arron Gregg?).

Also collaboration is just as good as competition & the BKA regularly do collaboration videos, the Juggletween project was very nice too.

Juggler Share - - Parent

Thank you for giving me examples of past Challenges. I will be diving into the challenge route you've both described to me. I'm excited for the future. Both yours and Daniel Simu's feedback are priceless to me. I want to be able to help other jugglers in the future the same way you're both helping me! I do my best to help new jugglers in my Juggler Share posts. Thanks for all you do for the juggling community!

Juggler Share - - Parent

Thank you for the wealth of challenge examples! Don't be surprised if I DO use them! I will be experimenting with moving my blog idea to my Facebook page to provide more value there because of what you've suggested. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks again :)

Orinoco - - Parent

Definitely seconded on using 'I' instead of 'we'. People are much more open to & forgiving towards individuals than organisations (& a big hello to the IJA & WJF!)


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