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IsaacDraper -

Top tip: don't try continuous back crosses near a dish of oil and balsamic vinegar! I now have one very messy juggling ball :(

John R - - Parent

Alternatively, you've got a healthy, tasty snack! Maybe a little chewy, but plenty of fibre...

vazonun - - Parent

Let me tell you a short story...

I was a recipient of a medium sized parcel, one containing some brand-spanking new juggling props, which included a lovely set of white juggling balls (uglies). My excitement was through the roof, and I couldn't wait any longer than the few seconds it took me to remove them from their individual wrappers until I started their maiden 5b cascade. Within moments they were happily flying through the air from hand to hand. Until... I made a rookie error, I got too excited, I was enjoying them a little bit too much, which inevitably caused a rogue throw... As I chased the ball through the air with my eyes, I knew I had no hope in catching this ball, it was doomed to hit the floor. But not in my case...
Well, to cut a short story long. My hot beverage of the day tasted a little like juggling ball, and I now have an off-white ball which now smells of coffee.

IsaacDraper - - Parent

Oh dear! Not a good day :(

Mike Moore - - Parent

Ooo, I like what this thread is turning into.

My tip: when you a ball rolls away, and you find it covered in cobwebs...check for the spider.


IsaacDraper - - Parent

Top tip #2: if you want catch a mouse, leave your uglies in the floor. They love them.

^Tom_ - - Parent

Top tip #3: After this, you'll buy a tupperware box to store your juggling balls.

peterbone - - Parent

Our wood burning stove glass got smashed by a club during a mis-timed lazy catch the other day. Luckily it was due for replacement anyway.


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