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Mike Moore -

Juggler - The Video

I'm reading some old JUGGLE magazines, and in the July/Aug 1998 the making of a documentary on who jugglers are is discussed. in the 1999 magazines, it is advertised. The advertisement reads:

A show and tell from the best in the world...Past and Present.

Does this video exist online? Googling hasn't worked for me.

bad1dobby - - Parent

I don't know this one - is there a list of who's in it?

The Void - - Parent

..or who produced it? There was one by Strider productions earlier in the 90s called, I think, "Juggler" or something similar. I'd guess it was that one, but not sure if you're saying it was "upcoming" in '98.

Mike Moore - - Parent

The ad says, "To order, call Sportco"
And "Presented by Eagle Entertainment Group, INC"

Mike Moore - - Parent


Steve Brown, Hovey Burgess, Dave Finnegan, Varry Friedman, Forest Hobbs, Daniel Holzman, Sergei Ignatov, Katerina Ignatov,
Edward Jackman, and a handful of others.

bad1dobby - - Parent

Found it:

Knew I'd seen it recently when you listed Hovey Burgess

Mike Moore - - Parent

Fantastic! Thanks so much.


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