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The Void -

Got some kururin.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Looks like a fun twiddly kind of thing. I liked when it stopped vertically 'on its own' (0:38). Do you think a three Kururin pattern would be possible?

The Void - - Parent

Undoubtedly. What exactly that pattern would be, whether including "trap-stops" or "free-stops" (I don't know the terminology. I head people saying "stonk" at BJC, but wasn't paying enough attention to know what that means.) or both, is open to question. But if someone's dedicated enough, they'll nail at least a simple 3-kururin pattern, for sure.
I'm probably not dedicated enough, and I only own 2. Over to you! :-)

Little Paul - - Parent

Someone whose name escapes me was trying a cascade with three at BJC, although 5-kururin-1-count was apparently easier.

If you raise one end of the table and roll them uphill, you can get them to come back to you as well, which opens up a lot of other options.

duncanh - - Parent

It might have been Will and Mike doing the 5 kururin 1 count.

I had a reasonable 2 kururin shower using a double roll on my second attempt. A 3 shower should be fairly easy using multiple rolls and a cascade should be fairly straightforward.
I just need to make some matching ones, once my frozen shoulder recovers and I can get out to the workshop

^Tom_ - - Parent

That was Mark who coined the verb "to stonk" (and noun "stonker") while we were sitting around playing one evening. If you push it with too much force, and it fails flat on the table, this we dubbed a flopper.

Avril & I then spent a few hours playing a table-wide game of "Land a stonker as close to the opposite edge of the table as possible."

The name stonker is perhaps a bit stupid, but a name was needed, and it's started to stick now.

The Void - - Parent

So a Stonk is a Free-Stop?

unigamer - - Parent

I think the most accepted name for when the Kururin stops vertically without external influence is "ghost".

It's slowing down but the most popular online Kururin community I know of is on facebook:
There used to be loads of posts each day but not much is happening now.

One of my Kururin's has very smooth silicone pads, at the workshop Duncan organised I managed to get it to roll, then stop and change direction (on a level surface) because the pads sometimes get stuck. It's looks very strange when that happens. I think it might be interesting to add magnets to the ends to see what strange tricks can be done.

The Void - - Parent

Ghost it is. Cheers.


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