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The Void -

#Altern8 will be closed next week: April 10th, as most of us will be at #BJC2017. Back as usual on the 17th.

Currently 12 of us tonight, posh biscuits are chocolates again. I got 43 catches of 5 clubs. Jon's contemplating mirrorising his headbounce ball. Angie's leg hooping hilariously.

bad1dobby - - Parent

"Jon's contemplating mirrorising his headbounce ball"

Interesting idea. Seems like it might be within the realms of possibility, given the flexible mirror materials that are available nowadays.

I can't see how you would achieve the genuine faceted look though - seems to me any solution is going to have to fully adhere to the curvature of the ball or you're going to have tiles spraying everywhere on each bounce.

The Void - - Parent

14 tonight. Henna from Tampere was in town, and is a recent kendama convert, so I gave her a few tips, and she hit her first Around The Village. She & Gale also played with hoops. Anton, Rupert & me all had a bash at 5 clubs, Anton including singles. Jon and Tarim were having a crack at 996, before Jon later went on to theorise that you could name & recognise a period-3 3 club siteswap from a still photo. He convinced no-one. Richard, Ian, Sam & Hazel passed a Z-feed. Some kururin were fiddled with, including in the pub afterwards.

lukeburrage - - Parent

"Jon later went on to theorise that you could name & recognise a period-3 3 club siteswap from a still photo. He convinced no-one."

I'm immediately suspicious, but also immediately intrigued.

jonudry - - Parent

Ok, let me just clarify! I didn't say it was possible, I was suspecting that it might be if you give certain limitations. For example, if you limit a site swap to only period 3, then at any point in the site swap there are only very limited outcomes of what the pattern could be, right? Who knows? Who cares?! Obviously, this only applies if the juggler is playing fair rules and not doing a 3 club cascade and calling it 522 or any nonsense like that.

Also Little Paul, I've heard that you may be selling my Delphins that I sold to you a while ago. If so, I'd love to buy them!

Little Paul - - Parent

Hi Jon,

I tried to email you via the info address on your website, but I got a bounce message saying your email address doesn't exist. You might want to fix that I guess.

Anyway, what I said was pretty much:

Sorry, I've been a terrible procrastinator recently, hence the lack of reply to you about Delphins!

I am considering selling my Delphins and finally going albatross (after probably 20 years of thinking I should do that!)

Obviously as it's now been 10 years since you sold them to me they're not quite in the condition they were when I bought them (although as I barely juggle any more, they're not exactly beaten up)

I'll check, but I'm pretty sure I've got all 7 still. If you're around for Monday night juggling next week, I could bring them along then?

Price would be whatever you would want to give me for them.

jonudry - - Parent

Hi LP.

The error is fixed on my website email now, so thanks for bringing that up!

Realistically I won't be at the Monday night juggling club until the 5th June. Email me on and we can arrange for me to pick them up.



penthief - - Parent

How nice to read a thread about Altern8 and to hear it is still going strong.

The Void - - Parent

Have you branched out from only nicking ballpoints these days? :-)


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