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Little Paul -

Ping Pong:

There's some impressive skills in there - and more than a little sillyness

Daniel Simu - - Parent

This is what the internet was meant to be like!

Richard Loxley - - Parent

Reminds me of playing ping-pong with a teaspoon at Bungay (I had just finished eating a yoghurt and was passing the table mid-game as I returned my teaspoon).

I actually did much better than I had expected! Do try it, it was great fun :-)

JonPeat - - Parent

Thanks for posting that!
I really REALLY enjoyed it, right up my street. XD

mtb - - Parent

This was wonderful. The "bowling" at the start was really impressive!

bad1dobby - - Parent

Very enjoyable. The comedy stylings reminded me a lot of Jackie Chan.


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