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The Void -

I had a full day's clicking, chatting and coffeeing at #BathUpChuck2017 yesterday. Thanks to the organising crew. An excellent show too - well done to whoever booked it. Charles Brockbank was in great form with a high energy, yet cool club routine; two characterful duo acts; Tiff being his ace daft skillful self; and a triple helping of Rawlingses1 (two solos and a duo). All coralled into shape by Colin Powell, sorry, I mean Sam Veale, doing a classy funny job as compère.


It's Him - - Parent

My UpChuck started later than normal as I first had to collect my son from powerboat training before we could start the two hour trip to Bath. Fortunately when we arrived around noon we were in time to get two of the last tickets for the show.

I spent the next hour or so saying hellos to the many people I know and this was made longer by the large turn out for the convention. It seemed bigger than previous events I've attended, only the organisers would know the truth.

After having some lunch and getting my son to learn a new trick (Romeos something - the reverse of Rubensteins Revenge) I surprised myself and probably many people who know me by doing some serious passing with Dom from Milton Keynes. We are talking old style numbers passing here. Starting at 7 in doubles, 8 in doubles, 7 singles, 8 triples and finally 9 triples. I managed to have a club land on the end of my fingers more than once which was extremely painful but soldiered on like the true hero I am :-)

About the time the games got going (which was getting on for five) we decided to go search for food and drop our kit in the car (which as always in Bath was parked far too far from the juggling hall). We ended up eating pizza at the Lime Tree which was only a short walk from both the juggling hall and the theatre.

For me the show was almost a who's who of UK comedy juggling with Sam Veale, Matthew Tiffany and both Steve and Jay Rawlings in the show and Jon Udry and Pete Matthews in the audience. In a show packed with highlights Charles' routine where his one drop was when he wasn't juggling was very classy. I've seen Sam, Tiff, and both Rawlings enough times that I know their acts fairly well but they are still funny and the Rawlings' duo hat routine is really strong. The other hat duo had great potential but had just too many drops for it to quite hit the mark. A great show and a great convention.



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