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Awesome New Modular LED 100mm Juggling Spheres

Our Kickstarter goes on in a little less then 7 days and were looking for support from the community to bring this project to life after 3 years of development!

There is also a competition on our page for 1 of 2 juggling sets or Glowbs poi!

It's Him - - Parent

Do you have a video of this concept in action?

Personally I'm not seeing the potential or the potential market for this concept. Contact balls generally seem to work best when they are transparent (the coloured acrylics do not look as good - just look at what contact juggling performers use). Why would glowing balls be better?

100 mm is on the large size for normal juggling. Why would a performing juggler use these instead of any of the other glow juggling balls out there?

What are the benefits of these over other glow poi? There are already many designs of programmable poi, these are larger but less useful than pixel poi (by the look of the website). Why would a poi player choose these?

Please give clear answers to these questions to show why I should invest money in your concept. As someone who has performed all three skills professionally (albeit far from expertly with poi and contact juggling) if there were good reasons to use these I might be tempted to buy them.


mtb - - Parent

Pretty great summary of my concerns as well.


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