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Little Paul -

Kururin - seems to be growing in popularity in the USA at the moment, but I hadn't seen it:

Does anyone have a source for them in the U.K.? It seems like just the sort of thing I could get stuck into.

Alternatively, does anyone with a lathe fancy making some up before BJC? There's a template here

duncanh - - Parent

I'll try one next time I'm in the shed but I suspect that it might be better to CNC them to get a matching curve at each end.

unigamer - - Parent

I've been following the facebook group:

I was planning to bring a few to the BJC and maybe run a short workshop to let people try. I think a European distributor is being sorted out for the Comcell Kururins is being sorted out.

My Kururin shape designer:

Me making one:

mtb - - Parent

Here are two ways to make one:

duncanh - - Parent

I'd already printed out and laminated a template and have just ordered some foam. I might have time to try one on Wednesday. It should be a good way to use up off cuts - I have lots!

unigamer - - Parent

I made up a little gauge to help making them if that's of any use:

duncanh - - Parent

Nice gauge. I guess you know that the one in the picture is labelled gouge?
No laser cutter here so I'll be going for the template and calliper method.

unigamer - - Parent

Yeah, that spelling has caused a number of problems with file names and links going wrong... I just can't get it in my head that's how to spell it! I am going to update the photos soon but I didn't have any of the correctly spelled gauges cut at the time. You can print off and cut my one out, it comes as a PDF but if you have multiple calipers it's probably not worth it. I only have one pair.

Will you be at the BJC? If so I can cut you one, I have lots of spare acrylic so it's no problem at all.

duncanh - - Parent

You can never have too many calipers!
Thanks for the offer of an acylic template. Yes, I'll be at BJC - haven't missed one since I started many years ago.

Haven't had a chance to make any yet - instead I've just had a couple of evenings sat on a beach watching the northern lights :-D

unigamer - - Parent

Very jealous. We're heading north tonight for a bothy trip, fingers crossed to see the Northern lights but the forecast isn't great I think.

I have only just got into turning. There are so many things to buy I only have one set of outer calipers so I soon got frustrated when I had to keep changing them. I'll bring a few of the gauges with with me, so if anyone else wants one they can too.

duncanh - - Parent

Bothy trips are fun - which one you heading to? I was thinking of heading up somewhere in Scotland next week, or maybe just out to one of my local Northumberland ones

unigamer - - Parent

Peanmeanach Bothy - was an incredible weekend! Fire me an email ( so we don't fill up Small Talk!

duncanh - - Parent

I've made 10 or so from various off cuts and most seem to work reasonably well. It'll be interesting to see how they compare to yours.
Nice instructable - it was on the staff pick of the week. The sanding jig is an interesting idea - I noticed that one of mine isn't sanded flat but it still seems to work ok

Little Paul - - Parent

That was the video that originally sent me off down the youtube rabbit hole on this one. I'm trying to find myself the time and space to have a go at a modified version of the second method (as I don't have a lathe) It'll involve a certain amount of making an improvised lathe out of a power drill and a vice....[1] but the threaded rod used as a tap is a nice touch.

Duncan, I apologise for shamelessly baiting you into making one - but it did strike me as being right up your street :)

[1] as AvE says "tighten her until she cracks, then back off half a turn"


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