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mtb - had this as a featured video the other day:

It is pretty amazing. LP, how gaffed do you think his golf club trick is? I remember you saying that yours is reasonably honest. His looks a little too good.

Little Paul - - Parent

I'm pretty sure it's on the more "secure" end of the gaff scale.

Mine is gaffed the minimum required to make the trick possible, but it's not really practical for 3-performances-a-day if I were pro I'd go down the more secure route.

Incidentally, for me the most impressive bit of the routine is the setup and the flute.

bad1dobby - - Parent

The flute because...? I've never thought the flute particularly adds to the difficulty, because it only requires movement of the fingers, whereas the violin under the mouthstick-bow seems more in danger of upsetting the balance. On the other hand I've never done the golf club balance, although I did play the flute in my school years.

Little Paul - - Parent

It's mostly "maintaining the balance while on one knee, picking up the flute, then standing and playing while driving the balance so it moves up and down" - There's so much going on there that carrying a tune competently is reasonably tricky.

Also, if you compare how many hours it takes to learn the golf club trick with how many hours it takes to learn the flute - well... the flute is harder!


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