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mike.armstrong -

There's a new book by Karl-Heinz Ziethen coming soon! for details

The Void - - Parent

Damn. Spent all that ££ on 4000 Years for nothing. :-)

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Are there people who paid a normal price for 4000Y? Like, what did it cost originally?

Mïark - - Parent

According to advert in Kaskade in 1985, they originally cost $98(US) per volume (plus postage)

Daniel Simu - - Parent

That was steep! No wonder there are such few copies available..
I'm hoping the new one will be a bit more affordable, even though it's promised to have more content!

DavidCain - - Parent

It won't be cheaper than or equal to $99, for sure. But I'm sure it will be worth whatever the cost.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

That is still half the cost of the original double volume!

DavidCain - - Parent

I'm quite sure it will be more than $200. I understand that it will be very good and high quality, though.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Ah, well that might be a bit too much for me, I'll read at a friends place ;). But I sure hope it will be worth that money!

DavidCain - - Parent

On a related note, I'll be having four more juggling history books coming out this year, at the much less expensive price of $15 each. First two are done and the next two are in the pipeline.

erik aberg - - Parent

The original 4000 years of juggling was printed in 600 copies. We are looking into a few price options for the new book. Not sure what the final price will be yet.

DavidCain - - Parent

Sorry if I gave incorrect info. I was just going on what I had heard in the past and didn't know that other printing options were being looked at. Really looking forward to getting the book.

Jack Kalvan - - Parent

I just acquired a copy completely unexpectedly! I was visiting my friend, 85 year old stunt and circus legend, Bob Yerkes (whose house I had been to many times) and I saw the 2 volume set on his bookshelf. He was never a juggler, but did trapeze, teeterboard, wire walking, acrobatics, and just about every other circus skill. He just gave it to me.

lukeburrage - - Parent

I love that you signed up for a Juggling Edge account just to gloat. Top marks!

Little Paul - - Parent

I'm getting DNS errors on that domain, and all has is a placeholder.

Is there a better source of info (presumably facebook) or if not - Mike, could you do me a massive favour and let me know when it's available? :)

Mïark - - Parent

It is working for me, does work any better
Do you want me to sign up to their release notification service with your e-mail address?

it does say on the site
For other questions, please contact Niels Duinker through:

Mïark - - Parent

Oh, Neil mentioned on 25 Jan there have been problems with the website

(just in case you can't read facebook)

Hello group, yesterday I posted about the new juggling book about the history by Karl-Heinz Ziethen. some people mentioned the website didn't load properly

To received updated about the publication date... this is the link directly to the sign up form:


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