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The Void -

Jon Udry & The Void are doing a juggling Kickstarter.
Check it out, if you'd be so kind!

Dee - - Parent

The accompanying video provides evidence of me juggling. That in itself is a rare, collectors item :)

The Void - - Parent

Doubly rare: Evidence of you *and Richard* juggling. At the same time!

Orinoco - - Parent

This is a great concept. So many possibilities! I'm in for a plugger.

The Void - - Parent

Whee, thanks! Glad you like the idea.

mtb - - Parent

Definitely looks exciting. Looking forward to seeing how this goes.

The Void - - Parent

Thanks. Yep, it's an exciting idea, but it goes nowhere unless people *pledge*!

Gizza quid, people! :-)

mtb - - Parent

I will put the cost of a couple dinners out in the hat in the next few days, I hope.

The Void - - Parent


mtb - - Parent

Done. Here's hoping that the president does not tank the ZAR to GBP exchange rate in the next few weeks. :P

The Void - - Parent

Thanks, dude, much appreciated.

jonudry - - Parent

The next 15 people that pledge money for this project (minimum £10), will get a personalised video message from me (juggling included). Come on people! Pledge. Share the heck out of this project! We can do this!!!

The Void - - Parent

(Sorry if this is seeming a bit like spam, but hey, it's juggling, and the "ignore this thread" button is right there. Anyway…)

If you didn't spot all the clues, the answers are here:

Richard Loxley - - Parent

Oooh, I'd never noticed the 'ignore this thread' button. Is that new-ish, or was it there from the beginning?

Danny Colyer - - Parent

It's certainly not new. Doesn't always work, though (I really ought to mention it to Orin some time, maybe the next time I get an example).

The Void - - Parent

So pleased that *that* was what I managed to draw attention to. :-)
Please don't wait to back us. Need all pledges and shares asap. #ABCTour News: #adventure @jonudry #fun #juggling
— The Void (@TheVoidTLMB) January 24, 2017

7b_wizard - - Parent

Great watch. Happy juggling with most various props. Enjoyed the trailer very much ( I also think, the evolution of juggling started when we were still living on trees :o) ).

Good luck for this project!

7b_wizard - - Parent

.. also felt free to link it there: .. hopefully there will be some (palpable) feedback for you (from), there too (3,400+ readers).

7b_wizard - - Parent

°ouch° .. got deleted .. "not the place to advertise". sry 4 that hasty shot failed. :o|

The Void - - Parent

Thanks for trying. :-)


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