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7b_wizard -

What is "juggling" ..

            .. FOR YOU ?

            ( nevermind what's all to be seen on videos, nevermind any ``best┬┤┬┤ definitions )

Please try to name just the keywords, first major associations that you have when you think of "your juggling"!  ( Be it what you actually do, be it what you want, what you're haunted by, be it what you love most about it. )

7b_wizard - - Parent

I think of 7b cascade, its rolling top of its pattern.   Bodythrows  ( mainly backcrosses, under the arm, reachovers, claws, rolls, with fewer balls then, selfspeaking ).   Multiplexing.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Peace, focus, fight, friends.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Throwing, catching, balance...

furlisht - - Parent

Failing again
Finding a moment of joy
Seeking perfection
Sharing all those moments with other jugglers

Then there's another trick to learn, another failure, another moment of joy, another thing to share

Little Paul - - Parent

Something diverting to watch while sharing tea, cake and biscuits with my friends.

Maria - - Parent

Clubs spinning in the air
Always trying to learn something new, or struggling with tricks I want to get better at
The feeling of accomplishment when I get a new trick
The joy of passing with other jugglers, trying to get a good round of a pattern that is a bit difficult
A way to enjoy myself, staying active and meeting friends

Monte - - Parent

A way to keep in touch with some special people I've met over the years. Oh and a bit of showing off too.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

*For me* it's a dance (not to be confused with dancing whilst juggling). I'd prefer if was also a little more 'puzzle solving' or creative puzzle solving.

I haven't been practicing much recently which is a great shame I think.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Problem solving is a great way to put it. For me, there are two kinds of problem solving for juggling:
While freestyling: my method here is to put myself in awkward positions, then figure out how to get out of them. Sometimes I'll try putting myself into the same position a few times, and seeing if I can react in different ways.
Knocking out a pattern on paper, or in my head. "I want this attribute, then this can I make it continuous, with no setup throws, and ambidextrous?"


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