Looking for French/english/german/whatever translators for exhibition frames.

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Olivier -

Looking for French/english/german/whatever translators for exhibition frames.

Dear Edge fellows,

I designed exhibitions frames about juggling and you can have a look over there :

The exhibition is an open source exhibition. If you want to print the frames to have your own, for your circus school, your festival, your convention you may.
But obviously now, it's in french, it has been designed first in french because it's my language.

So I'm willing to translate the frames and I would need help to do so.

Please have a look at the frames and get back to me if you have questions/requests/ideas to have them translate, in any language. Also, somebody Indesign skilled would be helpful.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Wonderful! I'd love to put these up at the next conventions where I go, if they were translated to English...
Theoretically I could do a Dutch translation, but I think the interest in that is very limited. I'd love to help out with the English, but it would be done better by a native English speaker and my French level is basic to begin with...

Nonetheless, great work and I'm looking forward to see where this goes!

mike.armstrong - - Parent

Hi Olivier,
I'm happy to help...but my French is pretty bad. But I could use Google translate as a start and re-write them into proper English if that is helpful.
You can get in touch on my.username.on.this.site@juggler.net

david - - Parent

I'm willing to help too. My contact is myusernamehere (de) landowne (point) org


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