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7b_wizard -

Where to best upload any juggling video  ( be it tutorial, 'show off', stage act, practise, a record, a trick clip, .. )  for any purpose   ( feedback, present oneself or a pattern, talk about the vid, get most attention, ask for analysis, park it there, .. )  ?

  1. any video upload server will do and make it available and linkable
  2. vimeo
  3. youTube
  4. JTV
  5. Instagram
  6. your own homepage
  7. Facebook
  8. other

Where would you want  a l l  juggling videos gathered?

This is a competition thread which ran from 10th Aug 2016 to 28th Aug 2016. View results.

The Void - - Parent


barnesy - - Parent

What a s u r p r i s e

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I think it depends where your audience is.

Juggling TV is great if you want general jugglers to see it.

Facebook is great if you want your friends (or a members of a particular group) to see it.

Other sites are great if you want a general audience to see it.

It's worth talking about the amount of "friction" involved in viewing a video. There are so many competing calls for attention that it's worth making it as easy as possible for someone to see it.

For instance, I use Facebook via an app. If I see a video I fancy, then if it's a Facebook-hosted video, I can watch it immediately. If it's hosted elsewhere, a different app is loaded to view the video, taking 5-10 seconds. And chances are when I return to the Facebook app it's lost my place in my timeline. So personally when browsing Facebook I'm ten times more likely to watch a Facebook-hosted video than a video hosted anywhere else. The same goes for Twitter (with Twitter-hosted videos).

So I'd definitely recommend hosting the video on the same platform where you will be publicising it, for that reason.

On the web, it's a little easier, as many platforms embed videos in the webpage. For the web I'd recommend YouTube (and to a lesser extent Vimeo) as most forum software, etc, recognises them and embeds them automatically.

Make it easy for people to see the video and you'll get loads more views.

But ultimately, pick the audience first, then use that to decide where to publish.

Little Paul - - Parent

But ultimately, pick the audience first, then use that to decide where to publish.

This. Publish it where your intended audience expect to see it.

If your audience is in multiple places (eg split across facebook and youtube) publish in both places.

7b_wizard - - Parent

If there were an agreed upon (best) 'central' platform for juggling videos, the audience would be right there.

Little Paul - - Parent

So your audience is *specifically* people who are already looking for juggling videos?

Seems a bit narrow to me.

What if your audience is the general public, who don't know they want to watch a juggling video? How would they know to look in your 'central' platform?

7b_wizard - - Parent

Isn't that mostly the case ("people looking for juggling are the audience")? How would general public find a juggling video on e.g. youTube other than by hitting "juggling" into search bar, or by a juggling video being proposed in the "see also"s? Sure, you can upload it 'out of context' to any platform.
But you can just aswell link an uploaded video anywhere, your audience hangs out (being uploaded on a preferred 'central' for juggling videos doesn't mean, it's viewed only from there, and posting it somewhere doesn't require it to have been also uploaded there).

Kelhoon - - Parent

well, they apparently do find them given how many non-jugglers have told me about juggling videos

the last one someone told me about was the solving 3 cubes while juggling them, but they were solved so fast I am pretty sure it was faked or gimmicked

Little Paul - - Parent

Depends on the type of video.

If your video is of you doing siteswaps in your back garden, and your anticipated audience is "other jugglers" then yes, it's reasonable to assume that people who want to see it are going to be searching specifically for juggling videos.

If your video is a promo video, promoting yourself as a professional entertainer looking for business - then people who want to book you aren't likely to be looking specifically for a juggler, they're more likely to be looking more generally for entertainers.

If you've set out to make a well produced video, that happens to feature a juggler (Like for example the stuff Norbi puts out) then the sort of people who appreciate that style of video aren't likely to be searching specifically for juggling - but if it pops up in their instagram/tumblr feed they'll watch it.

If you're setting out to make a video that gets a lot of views so you can make some ad-revenue off it (like for example Bob & Trish do with their trick shot videos) then posting them in a central juggling video repository makes no sense - the viewers who are likely to watch/share it aren't searching for juggling, they're searching for "funny" or "awesome" or whatever.

If all your friends use facebook, posting a video for them to watch on Bebo makes no sense.

See what I mean?

Just because *you're* watching juggling videos by searching for the word "juggling" doesn't mean every potential viewer is.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hm. I see. That makes the poll somewhat futile, if people post their juggling video as "see what I did"-video or as "Hire this artist"-video anywhere anyway.

7b_wizard - - Parent

@ 1 - Any server doesn't offer hashtags, categories, juggling related chat or forum, no features.
@ 2 - vimeo lately shuts my browser (mozilla 16); and when it worked before, it had staggered framerate on my system.
@ 3 - Woe! .. lemming's mainstream .. I was on our tube before it was google+. My account got inaccessible unless I gave google+ my mobile phonenumber. Hey, What?! .. I'm not giving them my mobilephone number! How about people worldwide in poor countries, or people who just don't use mobile, all people with PC, but without mobile (for whatever reason that really isn't google+'s business) .. they're being excluded. How dare they even ask for your number!?
  That streaming doesn't always work well, sometimes the videos freeze and don't skip and not replay anymore on my system. Search function and results are imo a catastrophe.
@ 4 - JugglingTV - haven't found any flaw - there's hashtags, comments, categories, sortable, everything. It's upto uploaders to set the hashtags and choose a title or description for their vids to be found later again. And it looks like ("from jugglers for jugglers") .. looks like the full rights remain with the uploader.
@ 5 - I don't see why I should register and-or install any instagram-software just to watch a video. My puter does perfectly fine watching videos (in some common old formats lol). I'm in general not pumping my machine full with updates on every switching it on. You can't watch a video as "guest"? You're 'welcome', when you register and use their software only ( for watching a video!!??? Are the pics for free lol? Will the text get crypted soon? )
@ 6 - personal homepage is different: it's only your videos, not a collection, not an all juggler's plattform. Doesn't seem to make sense on behalf of a 'central for all juggling videos'.
@ 7 - FB.. same as uTube and instagram .. you can't watch as guest, have to be registered .. mainstream for 'insiders' excluding 'outsiders'?
@ 8 - no idea what that could be .. a 'futuristic juggvid upload and sharing platform' ? That's JTV, right.
[end brainstorm]

7b_wizard - - Parent

JTV's search function could be better, maybe, .. just full plain text with option (+ - "" "every \ all \ any") and show the matches.  ( Again it's up to users to enter meaningful words in their desriptions if they care for their vid be found ).  Not them cursed "did-you-mean-algorithms". (But i don't know)

7b_wizard - - Parent

.. and btw .. I have core-blocked google, google analytics, google-syndication (what the heck is that?) in my HOSTS!! (and I believe, machine is double as fast browsing, but I can't prove for sure) .. just to be clear on this.  ( I'm also not on FB - you can't even find worldwide doublegangers there ;o]) ) 

Orinoco - - Parent

For those that tried to vote for option 4 before 13:00 GMT today (Thursday 11th), your vote was not counted due to the autolinking of jtv to jtv. I bodged a fix during my lunch break that allowed voting & put a proper fix in just now.

As you were.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Thank you!

Marvin - - Parent

This poll has now ended. The results are:

  1.   any video upload server will do and make it available and linkable (0 votes)
  2.   vimeo (0 votes)
  3.   youTube (3 votes)
  4.   JTV (4 votes)
  5.   Instagram (0 votes)
  6.   your own homepage (0 votes)
  7.   Facebook (0 votes)
  8.   other (0 votes)


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