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Daniel Simu -

Where do you generally prefer to juggle? #poll

  1. Outdoors
  2. Indoors
  3. No preference
  4. It's really complicated, I prefer to answer in detail below.

This is a competition thread which ran from 3rd Jun 2016 to 10th Jun 2016. View results.

peterbone - - Parent

Definitely indoors, however this is only rarely possible for me due to lack of good indoor space. About 90% of my juggling is done outdoors.

Austin - - Parent

Exactly the same for me.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

When I don't have a space, I don't juggle.. Outdoor juggling is reserved for relaxing days, vacations, conventions or other exceptions.
This makes indoor spaces so important that I moved quite a few times in order to have a good space, such as to Berlin, Toulouse or Rotterdam :)

peterbone - - Parent

Not having an indoor space has been the bane of my existence for most of my life and will definitely be the main factor that I consider next time I move.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Under the bridge. Like Raindog.

KellyH - - Parent

I live in the southern US and don't like the heat. I also don't like dirt getting on my props. I prefer indoor in general because of these factors. However, I just started juggling in January and I generally love the weather in the fall, so my preferences may be based on the season. I lack good indoor space. I recently moved and wish I had chosen an apartment with a vaulted ceiling (I had the opportunity to do so). Next time, I will be more aware of trying to find somewhere where I can juggle more easily at home.

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

I train 5 to 8 balls and 3 to 6 clubs, so height is a requirement. I prefer a 35' ceiling, if indoors.

I have access to several indoor and several outdoor spaces to juggle. My YMCA has a LED lit multipurpose gym, a florescent lit main gym, and racquetball courts lit by natural and florescent light. A nearby college has a covered area that is perfect for rainy and warm days. I juggle at several local parks.

Environmental factors like wind, noise, temperature, lighting, air quality, and uneven ground can make juggling outdoors much more difficult than inside. It's easier to complete a structured training routine inside because there are fewer distractions from onlookers.

I select my training space based on the weather and training routine. I can't practice clubs in the main gym because it's too loud, so I go in the racquetball court. I don't like to practice 7b cascade in the racquetball court because the balls and walls are both white, so I go to the main gym or multipurpose gym. On nice days, I go to the park.

Marvin - - Parent

This poll has now ended. The results are:

  1.   Outdoors (4 votes)
  2.   Indoors (12 votes)
  3.   No preference (0 votes)
  4.   It's really complicated, I prefer to answer in detail below. (1 vote)


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