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Scott Seltzer -

This isn't just a UK forum. BJC is happening, sure, but there must be some foreigners about. What cool jugglings happened this week (for yourself or maybe videos you've seen online)? has a nifty article on Willy Colombaioni that those BJCers might not get to read for a few more days.


Daniel Simu - - Parent


Mike Moore - - Parent

RIT is this weekend. I am suitably psyched, as it's normally my second favourite fest of the year (IJA's tough to beat).

Looking forward to stealing all of Quinn Lewis's and Jake Hart-Predmore's patterns. And giving them as much as I can.

Quinn_Lewis - - Parent

Thanks, man! I think I stole more of yours than you did mine! We loved having you guys here!

Colin E. - - Parent

Thanks Scott, an interesting insight into Willy Colombaioni - a name I recall hearing years ago, but someone I know relatively little about.

Watching his video, the difference between his style, and that of his idol, Gatto, couldn't be more different. Gatto is a thrower, Willy is a catcher. Opposite ends of the spectrum!


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