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DavidCain -

Juggling Trivia Contest

Okay jugglers. Time for a competition. I proudly announce the first ever eJuggling Juggling Trivia Contest. Check it out, have some fun, and maybe win some prizes.

DavidCain - - Parent

Of course that should read eJuggle, not eJuggling. Wish I could edit the original post.

It's Him - - Parent

I wanted to put the phrase 'of whom David Cain is aware' into most of those questions. Any question which asks 'who is the first' is just asking for a picture, painting, woodcut or whatever to be found that disproves the accepted answer.


DavidCain - - Parent

How about "whom the juggling world is aware"?

Little Paul - - Parent

I think the way I would run it would be that if someone names someone earlier than you were expecting, and can point at some documentary proof - they win the point and you get to write it up as an article :)

Little Paul - - Parent

Now all I've got to do is fabricate some newspaper clippings and win the lot....

DavidCain - - Parent

Well, I certainly could be proved wrong and welcome any new info. I've proved Karl-Heinz Ziethen wrong on a number of occasions and expect the same will happen to me at times. We can only do what we can with the available info we have. I will certainly highlight anyone who discovers new info, though.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I'm a bit sad about the amount of "who is the first" questions... There ought to be more interesting things to ask, right?

Anyway, I hope you will excite some people with this quiz David!

DavidCain - - Parent

Future trivia contests, if they happen, will have a different unofficial theme.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Pretty impressed that the first juggler to kick cups and saucers up to his or her head was a dog..


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