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The Void -

Old Japanese juggling act, via Donald on the kendama forum.
"Something awesome from a friend in Japan ; enjoy! "
I love how it was essentially all the tricks in Senmaru's act, but with a completely different presentation. And how the "translator" was presumably just parachuted in to the act for the American TV show.

Orinoco - - Parent

I was starting to think, "He's not a patch on Senmaru" but then he got out the teapot & mouthstick!

The host refers to them as what sounds like, "The Moriahs" at the end which suggests an established double act, I couldn't find anything about them by searching for various Anglicised spellings. Running the video's description & comments through Google translate doesn't give me any more hints.

7b_wizard - - Parent

If it's a good number, you might spot it with Wolfram Alpha.

No, serious .. I went over "related"-propositions ( whose comment links this: Machine translating with babelfish gave lots of (half-understandable) historic info and about (a whole relatives-tree of) the performers (?):
" [..] The most famous as Daikagura entertainer, in a three-generation San'yutei small Madoka morning (1892-1973) comic chat artist of biological child referred to the disciples was that San'yutei Enkoma (real name = Masahiko Murai 1899-1976) of, shrimp Ichisome Koresuke-SomeTaro would be brothers say. "Congratulations. Thank you thank you" the world by storm as referred to in the phrase, that from too much of your liveliness, referred to as "the number one entertainer you do not want to call the funeral", was given the title, which comes down to entertainer favor was the entertainer's (^ ∇ ^)
In shrimp Ichisome Koresuke (Ebiichi Suke Someno) ... real name = Masachika Murai (Masachika Murai) October 1, 1934 - younger brother, acrobatics in charge. After the death of his brother, it has been showing off the acrobats standing on the dais alone. In Japan dance claiming to Hanayagi Nishikizo. Narration in charge in the shrimp one SomeTaro (would have dyed Ebiichi) ... real name = Murai Masahide (Masahide Murai) 1932 (1932) February 1, 2006 to February 2, 2002 years age at death 70 brother . Physical labor of acrobatics not to, gag referred to as "the guarantee is the same do a Flip" was received. [..] "
[+ some info on the music]
Searching "Murai" ( "+ daikagura", "+ brothers murai", "+ juggling" ) on youtube and searchengine didn't give any better details, though.

david - - Parent

Dale Evans says "the Murais" at the end


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