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Orinoco -

Thanks to the fantastic Let's Encrypt Project you can now use the Juggling Edge over an encrypted connection. Just change the url from http to https.


That's going to come in handy...

varkor - - Parent

Any disadvantage to enforcing HTTPS by default?

Orinoco - - Parent

It is obviously slower (albeit infinitesimally so these days).

https pages are not (or at least should not be) cached.

Some proxies/firewalls don't allow https traffic.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Well I never.

I've been running HTTPS Everywhere since BT thought it would be a simply smashing idea to start injecting ads for themselves into their customers' HTTP requests (hint: It wasn't you massive band of cynical cockwombles) and I don't think I've ever noticed another site that reverts to HTTP. I don't require enforced secure connections but it hadn't even really occurred to me there might be places that don't do it.

About bloody time too! <shakes g33k="" fist=""></shakes>


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