First night back after the Christmas break.

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Orinoco -

First night back after the Christmas break. It was a good turnout, particularly nice to see Paul making the effort to hobble in on crutches. Catherine was our new year's resolution newbie. She took Kevin's immediate criticism feedback well & showed good progress over the evening. I tried to help Louisa (not Laura) to synch her knee and arm actions correctly with the kendama. I don't think she quite got there but there was improvement. Archie was also kendamaing with a mini kendama, which I was pleased to aeroplane on the first attempt, then Archie had several unsuccessful attempts before doing the typical teenager thing of announcing, "I give up" before landing it on the next attempt. Kev hit his hatstand trick 3 times out of 4. Nicola's club passing is coming on well predominantly due to getting her selves down to a more manageable level, which is less funny for me but very satisfying.



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