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Darren May -

Hi juggling community.
I'm a small time juggler with plenty of experience at 3 ball cascade, variations of it, and are working in Mills Mess now, have put a lot of time into it and plant to continue to do so in future.

I am on here so I can hear what other jugglers are doing and talking about, and to exchange ideas.

Mats1 - - Parent

Have you tried learning 4?

Darren May - - Parent

I know how 4 is done but haven't continued learning it.
To me it is only doing 2 in the one hand in both hands at the same time, so isn't so exciting.

It's very hard and I haven't seen juggling 4 as worthwhile learning up till now, but may in future.

Mike Moore - - Parent

I was in a similar boat when I started, not liking 4 much. I don't really like its base pattern much, and I didn't juggle 4 balls much until I could do a bit of 5. At that point, you rarely do 4 balls in its base pattern, anyway!

Here is some great 4b juggling:

BuddhaJuggles - - Parent

Mike Moore , thank you for sharing that video it was fun to watch. Its hard to find a great 4b video , In my attempts I never ran into that one. Four ball juggling seems to get snubbed some times or treated as a tool for 5 balls. Anyways, thanks again.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Did Julius New just appear in that video, with his full name written on the screen??

Julius - - Parent

:D oh wow I didn't even realize that. seems like i'm very silly and inconsequent.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Well, as it is in a video which is not posted under your name, it is almost completely unsearchable (except through this post)... Not that silly I suppose ;), and tbh I already forgot what it said and don't care to look up again...

Guili - - Parent

hi darren!
you know, i've been there too, and my advice for you is to look into mixed-hights patterns for 4b. E.G. 5344.
also, there's a whole new world in multiplex, if you haven't been juggling multi, i suggest you do! SO MUCH FUN!
and 4 balls is a great number for multi.
have you ever tried "jugglinglab"? it's an app that lets you find thousands of patterns with any amount of balls you want. very fun to use and immensly usefull.
finnaly, if you want to get to juggle 5b, it's helpfull to master 4b.
keep it up!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & welcome Darren! Good choice The Edge :o)

A'll exchange the idea, that Mills Mess is - or can be looked upon as - windmill changing sides (so learning windmill first might make the MM easier to get it).

Little Paul - - Parent

Hi Darren!

I have fond[1] memories of being at the stage you're at. It's a really special time in a jugglers learning experience so make the most of it and lap up everything you can!

If you haven't already done so, take a look at the Clubs and Events sections, and if there is anything happening near you jump right on it!

By far the best thing any juggler can do is find other real life jugglers to meet up with and juggle with!

Of course, the second best thing a juggler can do is find other internet jugglers, and you've done that bit :)

[1] but dim, it was over 20 years ago


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