Several improvements to Causal diagrams this week.

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Orinoco -

Several improvements to Causal diagrams this week.

We now also have a sandbox with options to tweak the dimensions & colours allowing you to create some truly horrendous looking diagrams. Also has the ability to export as a png image.


Maria - - Parent

Awesome! I like the sandbox and ability to export the image, nice to play with and maybe I'll share a causal diagram somewhere outside of the Edge sometimes... :)

varkor - - Parent

Just thought I'd let you know that it doesn't look so good on Retina / @2x displays at the moment — the <canvas> is upscaled, so it gets all blurry. (The trick is to draw everything at twice the size, and then downscale with CSS.) Just to make things a little more complicated for you!

Orinoco - - Parent

I liked things better when a pixel was a pixel.

Is that better?

varkor - - Parent

Yep — that's much nicer! Thanks!


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