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Orinoco -

Sock puppet management! There are a few club/event specific accounts on the Edge now. If you are in charge of one of these accounts you can now link it to your personal account to make posting easier.

Go to your settings page, under 'Other setting pages' you will now find a link to 'Manage alias accounts'. To add an alias enter the username & password of the other account then click 'Add new alias'. You will now find a set of radio buttons on the main new post form where you can select which user you wish to post as, meaning no more logging in & out of different accounts.

Alias accounts only work one way. Consider 3 accounts:

  • A: Your personal account
  • B: A friend's personal account
  • C: An account for an event you are organising

You add C as an alias to your account A so you can easily post announcements about your event.

You share C's login details with B who also sets up C as an alias so that they can post announcements too.

Both A and B can post as C.

B will NOT be able to log in as C and post as A.

Isn't that fantastic Marvin?


Marvin - - Parent


Norbi - - Parent

Well look at that, it was already set up! Magic. Cheers, that's going to save time.

Do my C accounts get unread direct reply notifications on the site?
And, is it possible to get an email to my A account address, if someone replies to my C account post?

Orinoco - - Parent

Not at the moment, but I'll add it to the list of things that the new notifications system needs to handle.

In the meantime does your C account have auto forwarding abilities?

Norbi - - Parent

It does now! Apparently it was off, and it also took me a while to find the option. I'm obviously blind.


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