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Orinoco -

You can now block individual threads. At the top of the first post of each thread, & after the details of each thread on the index page you will find a new "Ignore this thread" link.

To unblock a thread go to Settings > Other Settings pages > Manage blocked users and threads.

I am sorry for the general shitty vibe of the site recently. Thanks for sticking with us.


Monte - - Parent

If you think I am responsible for the general shitty vibe of the site recently I am happy to stop posting and leave the site. I don't want to piss on your bonfire Orin. I know you put a lot of hard work into it.

Orinoco - - Parent

I don't want anyone to leave, you know that. I'm not unhappy about you questioning me, I admit I was a bit irked by the timing of your thread which was less than ideal for me but there was no way you could've known about that so I certainly can't & don't hold it against you.

On the positive side, recent events has made me focus on tightening up the self moderation tools which I think leaves this site a better place than it was before which I'm very pleased with.

Thanks for your appreciation.

Monte - - Parent

But if you think my thread is making people stay away from the site, self exile seems to be my only honourable course of action.

Monte - - Parent

Before I keep my promise to stop posting I feel an explanation of why I started the offending thread is required to ensure there are no hard feelings between myself and many jugglers I have valued as friends for a long time now.

Personally the best justification was Ethan's thread thanking me for standing up for him and his admission that exclusion from the site had left him angry and bitter and that the ensuing debate had made him re-think his attitude and made him try harder to think before he posted in the future.

Now I realise this is not good enough for some people who expressed that they found it tedious or tiring to wade through. For these people I would just like to ask them if they would feel differently were they to have been excluded for some petulant remark they had made in the heat of the moment and which they were not afforded the chance to say sorry or explain why they behaved in such a way. Ethan was eventually given the chance and I think most of us would say he made a very good job of explaining and apologising for his actions.

Some members (LP for example) have wondered why I spent so much energy on this thread instead of talking about juggling. A valid question which I will try to answer. I have been part of the juggling community for over 20 years now and have already had discussions about most juggling matters and I am now at the point where I believe juggling is like sex- much more fun to do than talk about. Why then am I even on this site? Short answer because rec.juggling no longer really exists. Long answer because after 20 years most of my best and most valued friends are from the juggling community and not wanting to be on facebook this is a good way of chatting to them between conventions or other social gatherings.

I hope this goes some way towards explaining why I caused " a shitty vibe" on Orin's baby.

Now I know certain people will be glad to know I am shutting the f@&k up but I hope at least some of you will miss my attempts at humour or my willingness to defend a point of principle.

I will continue to lurk in the background and will of course keep you informed about my baby BBU if anything important crops up but I will refrain from posting anything else for fear of driving away current or possible future members.

Thank you and goodbye


Mike Moore - - Parent

"I hope at least some of you will miss my attempts at humour or my willingness to defend a point of principle."

At least one. Sorry to see you go.

Little Paul - - Parent

You know, when Orin said to me (in another channel) that we hadn't had a good flounce in ages and were probably die one...

I truly expected the next flounce to come from Ethan, not from you :P

8/10 for style

Monte - - Parent

Didn't Jason Garfield once say

"it's no sport if you have to mark it for style"

Monte - - Parent

Is there a symbol for a rhetorical question mark?

Orinoco - - Parent

Oh good grief. I don't know why you think this is about you. Truth is a lot of the shitty vibe hasn't happened directly on this site but on other channels that you are not involved in. I know my frustrations at having to deal with all that have been creeping onto this site which was what I was apologising for.

All I want to do is move on.

You are welcome back any time.

Monte - - Parent

Well I guess because I asked twice (indirectly I'll admit) If you thought I was responsible. I took you not answering to be a diplomatic yes.

But # I guess assume makes an ass of u and me.

Orinoco - - Parent

Unfortunately I can't always reply to everything straight away. I've got a lot on at the moment, & contrary to popular belief I do go out occasionally!

You know who you've worn out, they are fully entitled to be so if they wish, & you've explained why you felt your actions were justified. It's entirely up to you how or indeed if you modify what you post in future for those people. Choosing exile strikes me as an extreme response.

Gutted that you posted before I could get my flounce clock in place. Did anyone have 14 hours 27 minutes?

Monte - - Parent

Not sure how to close my account though you would have to explain how I do it.

Orinoco - - Parent

No one is allowed to leave. Ever.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent
















shawnlives - - Parent

That felt good.

The Void - - Parent

The list view needs a hyphen or comma or something between "Ignore this thread" and "Mark thread as read", for readability, IMO.

lukeburrage - - Parent

Ironically, if someone you have blocked begins a thread, the option to ignore the thread isn't available, as the link is only on the first post, and that is hidden.

Orinoco - - Parent

Very good point. Not the case any more.


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