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#7b   What was your biggest hurdle to overcome to master the 7 ball cascade to say 200-300 catches ( or 141 :o) ), to get that click where it seems easy and can be endured over say 53 catches ( :o] or over a few periods, four, five, more rounds, but not really felt mastered ) ? Where (#n catches) or what (technique \ skill \ preliminaries \ step back or ahead) was your `sound-barrier´ to overcome ? Did you have a `breakthrough´ ?

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Also @ those not on that higher level yet : What are the problems \ hurdles \ major flaws \ stuck where or with what, you're coping with actually ?

7b_wizard - - Parent

Ha ha, Ethan! .. is that your answer ( ) .. like "I have no such problems!" ? lol

Ethan - - Parent

Ha HA! yup, don't want to look weak;) I sometimes forget to post my PBs........I wish I had a manager or something that was in-charge of posting my PBs on this site...........wait a minuet........Hey orin....I have a job for you;)

Ethan - - Parent

So, when I first started juggling 7 balls, I was juggling in my living room. The ceiling height was very very low, which meant that my 7 ball cascade was about as low as some people's 5 ball cascade! I finally discovered that height was key and I started to juggle in my garage, or in this very thin and tall room in my house.....Having height helped tremendously!!!!

I have these "breakthroughs" all the time. I woke up one morning and I was able to do 4 and 5 ball mills mess. A few days ago I woke up and I was able to do flats with 4 and 3 clubs. It's very weird. It's like I don't see or have progress, I'm just able to DO the trick....

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hey, that "woke up and did ``..´´ " sounds, like you dream those patterns and have them when you wake up .. if so, that's sooo cool! .. ( I haven't (yet?) gotten that far as to dream juggling ) .. That IS the "Rastelli-Kremo-Gatto-spirit" haunted you, you lucky enlightened little br§$%&%mlmpfh .. erhh .. "genius"(?) !! ;o]p

7b_wizard - - Parent

well .. that's not wholly true .. I actually did dream, I was juggling, before, but I couldn't say which pattern (mus' have been cascade) or how many balls (mus' have been 7), but can't remember and my focus was not on juggling, but on site, nature and ongoings around among people, jugglers and non-jugglers, at leisure parks by rivers or seas .. so afaik never any distinct trick or pattern ..

7b_wizard - - Parent

I also analyzed the records-log for 7b casc and it's normal, that round numbers like `attract´ more personal bests, than less any `hold-on-numbers of catches in between .. found somewhat outstanding: .. 30 .. 50 .. 100 .. 200 .. 500 catches with less catches difference or more PRs near. I'd be very interested to hear any individual `stories´, how, or doing what, you got over these towards next or higher.

Brook Roberts - - Parent

I find I have often dropped just before milestones that are targets because I am counting.
There is also the factor that sometimes I like to get a target clean, e.g. I decided to aim for 100 catches of 7b cascade, so I did a clean finish when I got there. I've inputted the record as 100 - it was actually a few throws more (so probably I got somewhere from 102-105).
Of course, the first time I tried I did exactly 100 throws, and messed up the collect :(

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

I consider anything over 100 catches to be a good run, as long as there isn't too much foot movement. 120+ is better, 140+ is great, and 180-ish is my PR.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is to break the large and complex task into manageable pieces. Take the physical aspect out of 7b cascade by making some gains in the weight room. Take the psychological aspect out by hitting long isolated runs with 6 balls. If you take your time and learn 7b the right way, by working up from 3, 4, 5, and 6 ball siteswaps, it will be an incredibly rewarding experience.

For about a year, I could get 100+ catches, but it looked really bad. I was taking too many steps forward. As I got more speed and control, I was able to start working with foot isolation, and now, I usually only take small steps, usually backward.

The only real breakthrough that I had was the realization that I should be looking at the crossing point of the pattern, not the apexes. It took a while to make that adjustment, but it was worth it in the end.

DavidCain - - Parent

I've never had the breakthrough. I've been juggling 7 balls for 29 years and my best run is still 70 catches. On the other hand, I'm 45 years old and can still qualify 6 clubs. Doesn't seem to make much sense to me.
David Cain

peterbone - - Parent

I agree. Most learning in juggling is subconscious. Very occasionally you may make a conscious decision to change something that helps, but normally you make gradual natural improvements that you're not aware of.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Looks like you had that one exceptional run and couldn't confirm it or get on the level, where you got it, later again ..
Could make sense in a similar way how backcrosses, Alberts, Treblas are club-tricks, thus easier .. so 6c, handling clubs, giving them spin and get them up with lever, (also self-throws, that - when mastered well - aren't as much liable to collide as crossing throws in 7b cascade) might simply suit you better than blunt leverless balls ..


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