I've seen Michael Davis doing his three ball juggling routine many many times.

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Orinoco -

I've seen Michael Davis doing his three ball juggling routine many many times. No matter how many times I've heard him say the same joke, I still laugh. So I was pleased to find two different acts of his.

Fantastic stand up/musical comedy spot:


Ping pong ball juggling:


...& nice to know he's still got it:


Tom-Whit - - Parent

Dudes a legend

bad1dobby - - Parent

Very enjoyable! Great to see he's still going.

Here's one more of the less-seen routines:

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Wow! I had not seen that one before!! Great :D

Little Paul - - Parent

What they said!

Does anyone have any recordings of his TV show? I think I remember seeing the last 5 minutes or so of one episode a few years back and I'd love to see more

Orinoco - - Parent

Other than the blurb & comments on that video on YouTube are there any other references to his own show? His IMDb listing doesn't have anything that seems to fit the bill. The closest title that seems likely is "Life of the party" as listed on his website.

Little Paul - - Parent

https://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/472431/Michael-Davis-The-Life-of-the-Party/ Seems to suggest that's what I was thinking of, and that of was a 30 minute special rather than a series

I'd still like to see the whole thing though if someone has a copy :)

Little Paul - - Parent

While looking online for a copy, I stumbled across https://www.magicvideolibrary.com/ which is a URL I've been looking for since I first found it (and compiled a wishlist of clips from them)

I still have the wishlist, but it didn't mention the URL.

Dubious business model aside, I might put them back on my "things to investigate when I get around to it" list - although as the page was seemingly last updated 5 years ago, I'll not hold my breath.

bad1dobby - - Parent

Send me your wish list and I'll see if I've got any of it.

Little Paul - - Parent

Wishlist is here: https://lpbk.net/misc/wishlist.txt although I've clearly not read it thoroughly since I wrote it, and the timestamp on the file says 2005 - so a lot of those clips I now have access to.

Perhaps it's not as useful as I'd thought, perhaps I might re-visit it...

bad1dobby - - Parent

The names that I recognize are all available online. (If you're searching: Carazini not Karazini, and Tom Noddy not Notty)

Hadn't heard of the Buster Keaton short - turns out to be called Mixed Magic - I don't have it. If you like Keaton, there's a fantastic three part documentary on him called "A Hard Act to Follow" that I thoroughly recommend. (Don't bother with Youtube, though - one version has Russian dubbed over it, and the other is very cropped and sped up).

bad1dobby - - Parent

This clip on YouTube, cunningly hidden from searches, because it's titled "Mike Davis":

Comment from the uploader: "Had to stay within the 10 minute limit, but this was his whole juggling segment which was the best part. The rest was just milling through a party environment with snippits of a few "special guests". Nothing as memorable as Mike's act."

Orinoco - - Parent

I should've said that's the video we know about from this thread.

bad1dobby - - Parent

I really enjoy the non-sequitur style of comedy in Orin's first clip, so I thought I'd start a list of some of other favourites for people who like this style:

- Steven Wright (of course)
- Mitch Hedberg
- Stewart Francis
- Milton Jones
- Elliot Goblet (Australian - you probably haven't heard of him, but he's good)
- early Demetri Martin

and my two favourites of all time. Both of these are less minimalist than the above, but their comedy is packed with non-sequiturs:
- Woody Allen - his standup is not well known, but it's brilliant
- Emo Philips - amazing gags, but a very distracting stage persona - I prefer just to listen to him

Enjoy, and please add to the list if you've got any others.

Little Paul - - Parent

Taste in Comedians is such a personal thing - I really like Stuart Lee, Rich Hall and Doug Stanhope but I don't "get" Louis C.K or George Carlin even though they have similarities.

That said... if you like Mitch Hedberg, Stewart Francis and Milton Jones - you might also like Tim Vine ("Pen behind the ear" is a particular favourite routine)

If you're at all interested in standup comedy - you could do a lot worse than listening to Comedians Comedian Podcast

Monte - - Parent

I recently came across Jim Jeffries, I haven't found anyone this funny since Bill Hicks although the foul language may put people off and I don't think many women will like him.


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