So Ethan posted this & I my old man reflex needs more space than the log…

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Orinoco -

So Ethan posted this & I my old man reflex needs more space than the log section provides.

When I was filming my 8 ball juggling routine these two girls sat down to watch and one of them shouted "DON'T DROP"......I wanted to yell back something rude, but I didn't.....They seemed to find what they said to be hilarious........idiots.........anyway;) After a clean 8 ball ending, they began to walk over to me, one of them said "OMG your like, so good!" and that's when I made the smoothest move most epic fail of my lifetime. I looked at my pocket like my cellphone was ringing, I grabbed it out of my pocket and started a fake conversation........They had stopped, I quickly threw my juggling balls into my prop bag. Strapped it onto my back and RAN. But not down the street, straight into the woods. I can't stand talking to people who act like idiots and talk like idiots


You ran away after a girl paid you a compliment? If that's the smoothest move of your lifetime you seriously need to work on your social skills.

If someone says something & you feel threatened by all means pack up & leave, but that is not what happened here.

Non-something people generally don't know how to interact with something people. All too often this results in people not interacting at all which is A Bad Thing™. Her opening line may have sounded idiotic to you but put yourself in her shoes. She is very unlikely to have any idea of what the current limits of juggling are, or your ability compared to other jugglers, she won't be able to pick up on good form, posture or accuracy or anything like that. Without being able to draw on any experience of juggling she just did the best she could. She cared enough to sit down to watch & was brave enough to make the first move & talk to a stranger. So what if in your eyes she made a mistake? Be a little more forgiving & give people a chance. Perhaps if you had responded with, "Thank you, I've worked hard to become so" you might have started a conversation & made a good friend. A little tolerance goes a long way.

You may have been the first juggler she has ever met in person, & now she'll have the impression that if you try to talk to a juggler they will rudely blank you & run away. Being a good juggler does not give you the right to treat other people badly. If you see her again you owe her an apology.

#kidsthesedays #getoffmylawn

Little Paul - - Parent

Teenage boy in socially awkward situation finds it hard to talk to girls after receiving unexpected compliment...

I bet that's the first time that's ever happened in the history of everything ever.

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Spending lots of time juggling in a public park, I have daily interaction with park users. Many are regulars, but many see me for the first time.

Like a runner on the running path, I am at the park for an athletic activity. I'm there to juggle, not to talk. If I wan't to continue practicing, I acknowledge them with a wave, but don't engage them. Once people see that you are an athlete participating in sport they will stand back to watch and stop talking.

This will cover 99% of your interactions in public with non jugglers.

Ethan - - Parent

yeah yeah yeah...........I understand orin........

I really have no trouble talking to girls, heck I find it a LOT easier then talking to dudes........But it's just THAT type of girl. You know what I mean;) And the thing is, she and her friend didn't know why I went off. I could have gotten some really really bad news from somebody in my fake cellphone conversation. My house could have been burning down, my grandmother could have been dying for all they knew.........anyway.......I find it disrespectful to try to talk to somebody who's videoing and obviously trying to get some stuff done....

Ethan - - Parent

dude I really just say "Heck"...........that's really American sounding..........

Ethan - - Parent


Ethan - - Parent


Orinoco - - Parent

How do you know what 'type' of girl she was if you didn't even talk to her? & you were rude to someone for no good reason, it doesn't matter that from her point of view there could have been a legitimate reason because there wasn't.

If you felt her behaviour was disrespectful fair enough, but do you think she was trying to be so? Again it's all too easy to make mistakes when dealing with someone you don't know. You could have given her a chance & said something like, "Thanks for taking an interest, but I'm just in the middle of filming some material for my latest video. It'll take me a few minutes then I'll be able to chat. Actually... I'm just about to do this big trick it would be really cool if you could clap, cheer & scream into the microphone when I land it!"

Ethan - - Parent

I could just tell.......I simply "know".......It's the way they dressed and the giggly way they talk.....

Anyway......your right orin.....I was being rude.

JackJuggles - - Parent

I get what Ethan is saying. Quite often when people see me juggle they say "juggle 6 balls" if am juggling 5 (n+1). But they don't actually know how much harder it is to juggle n+1 balls (and this is coming from somebody who has barely flashed 6, let alone Ethan who has flashed 11).
So I think when the girl said "don't drop" that that may have frustrated him because she doesn't know how much he might practice.

Although in Orin's defence, I probably would have tried to start a conversation too.

John Shearing - - Parent

I'm totally on Jon's side with this one (not always the case!).

It's about being able to bounce back from anything, remain calm, to accept what you might see as criticism and to have the last word (which I never manage to do in comedy conversations with Kevin Fletcher (Topper)).


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