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Orinoco -

I spotted a man dressed in full batman outfit riding a solo wheel down to the Pantiles while driving to TWJC. Kev was garden showing so I ended up getting soaked while fumbling with the keys to the door & balancing boxes of stuff. Nicola was enjoying her new jumbo sized fat rings which I have to say are the only juggling rings I've ever touched that are pleasant to hold. Really good size for spinning round the ankle too. Archie turned up for the last 10 minutes. Good effort lad. I had a thoroughly antisocial night but a very productive juggle. Simon was helping wife Laura learn to ride the unicycle, not sure if stamping while walking beside her was all that helpful.


Topper - - Parent

Batman has been spotted a lot in recent weeks, someone said he lives in Hawkenbury.

Only 5 firsts at the flower show, the baking didn't go to well, a bit overcooked.

Orinoco - - Parent

Only 5? That's a pretty poor showing for you!


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