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Orinoco -

After yesterday's sucker punch it was a bit difficult to get started. We were joined for the first time by Nicola who was trying mills mess with some absurdly small & heavy balls. She was a little nervous about coming along because apparently we have, "a reputation" for being a group of hardcore jugglers. So own up, who's been spreading that rubbish around?! Due to the fact that I know so much about poi(?) I was selected by the other TWJC regulars as the person most likely to be able to assist with a 2 person 2 hoop 4 beat weave that she wanted to try. Having never swung hoops before & only know what a 3 & 5 beat weave is I was less sure but always happy to give something new a go. I had to be taught the correct hand movements required to spin the hoop, we struggled with timing & kept falling into a synchronous pattern. We never really got it but it was good fun to try & I've got a better idea of what we should have been doing now. I think we have successfully bullied Archie into coming to Crawley. Not sure if the argument of the argument that he will be in the company of responsible adults really put him at ease. If you put us all together I'm sure we come close to being *a* responsible adult.



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